BMW, Intel and Delphi Automotive will collaborate on development of a self-driving platform

Picture credit: REUTERS/Jose Luis Gonzalez

BMW, Intel Corp and parts maker Delphi Automotive on Tuesday said they would collaborate on development of a highly-automated self-driving platform for BMW, with Delphi handling integration of components and software, according to Reuters.

BMW said the new platform is intended to be sold to other vehicle manufacturers, which in turn may choose their own systems integrators to customize the platform to suit their vehicles.

The cost, complexity and accelerated pace of development of self-driving vehicles continue to spark sweeping alliances between automobile manufacturers and suppliers.

In April, rival German automaker Daimler formed a similar alliance with supplier Bosch to speed development of self-driving vehicles.

BMW on Tuesday said it expects that over time there will be “a fairly small number” of self-driving platforms shared by most carmakers because of the tremendous costs of integrating hardware, software and data.

Delphi will share with the BMW alliance some of the work it has been doing on a separate self-driving platform it is developing with Intel and Mobileye, the Israeli vision system and mapping expert that is being acquired by Intel, said Glen De Vos, Delphi’s CTO.

Delphi also may provide radar and other sensors to the BMW self-driving platform, which is targeted for production in 2021.

BMW, Daimler and Intel jointly own Here, a high-definition mapping service, along with Volkswagen and Chinese Tencent.