More than 300 million smartphones will have machine learning ability in 2017, says Deloitte

Picture credit: Ikea

More than 300 million smartphones, or a fifth of units sold, will have neural network and machine learning functions in 2017, according to Deloitte.

The artificial intelligence will be used to for everything from indoor navigation to image classification to augmented reality and speech recognition.

Deloitte says: “These capabilities are likely to be found over time in tens of millions of drones, tablets, cars, virtual and augmented reality devices, medical tools Internet of things devices and unforeseen new technologies.”

Deloitte said that these tools won’t necessarily need to be connected. “On-board machine learning may allow tasks to be done better and faster, or with more privacy,” said Deloitte in its Global Predictions 2017 report.

Deloitte’s report covered a few bases, but the one revolving around machine learning is among the most certain.

For instance, Huawei announced a smartphone with Amazon’s Alexa.

Android has machine learning built in. And digital assistants abound.

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