Qualcomm has launched a new range of fingerprint sensors that can be used underwater

Picture credit: Qualcomm

Qualcomm has launched a new range of fingerprint sensors designed for bezel-free phones that can be used underwater, ZDNet reports
On Wednesday, Qualcomm said the new range of fingerprint sensors, Under Display, Under Glass, and Under Metal and Glass, has been created in response to the industry’s move towards edge-to-edge displays and water-resistant capabilities.
According to Seshu Madhavapeddy, VP of product management at Qualcomm, “the iconic look for smartphones is changing,” and the real estate once preserved for home buttons and traditional fingerprint sensors is now up-for-grabs due to the design trend for bezel-less screens on our smartphones.
The executive says that by making premium displays in this way, there is no need to drill holes in the outer casing of our mobile devices, which can make them more resistant to water, oil, and other liquids.
The most convenient place to have a fingerprint sensor would, therefore, be under the display, but in order to do so, a kind of technology which doesn’t interfere with the display’s light sensors is required.
To tackle this issue, Qualcomm’s three new kinds of sensor are all based on ultrasonic technologies, which the company says “comprehensively address these challenges,” and allows the sensor to operate through materials including glass and aluminium — should vendors choose to have a fingerprint sensor on the back of a smartphone.