Tesla Network is Tesla’s upcoming ride-sharing platform; Musk ties it with his new tunnel boring project

.Picture credit: Takayuki Yamazaki

Elon Musk discusses future plans for Tesla and his other endeavors with curator Chris Anderson at a TED Conference in Vancouver, Canada, April 28, 2017. The transcript from Electrek is an attempt to capture the conversation as accurately as possible.

Musk actually ties his vision of shared autonomy with his new tunnel boring project because he sees the advent of car-sharing with autonomous driving ultimately increasing traffic — and tunnels can alleviate that.

Tesla Network’, the automaker’s upcoming ride-sharing platform, is an anticipated new services that Tesla plans to offer. It’s expected to be released with Tesla’s ‘Full Self-Driving’ update on second generation Autopilot cars, according to Electrek.

According to Elon Musk in the transcript, “A lot of people think that once you make cars autonomous that they’ll be able to go faster and that will alleviate congestion and to some degree that will be true. But once you have shared autonomy where it’s much cheaper to go by car. And you can go point to point. The affordability of going in a car will be better than that of a bus. Like, it would cost less than a bus ticket. So the amount of driving that will occur will be much greater with shared autonomy and actually, traffic will get far worse.”

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