A nice list of free SEO Tools to boost your web performance

This list of free SEO tools will hopefully help you in your daily SEO work. Because Google guidelines are perpetually moving, website optimization cannot be done without any support. These 10 tools will help you gain time and optimize your website rankings.

#1 Google Page Speed Insights

Page speed refers to the time your web browser takes to load a page on a device. A slow loading page can affect how your website is ranking. A low page speed can also increase your bounce rate since your visitors will just go away if it takes too much time to display an information. Google PageSpeed Insights offers insights about your page speed from an URL of your choice. The PageSpeed score ranges from 0 to 100 points. A score over 85 shows that the page is performing well.

We tried this app with Moz website. The app draws a clear visualization of the website performances. As you can see below, the app splits the results between UX and page speed. For instance Moz mobile website gets 66 points for its UX and 70 points for its page speed which means there is some improvements to do. It is also possible to access further details.

#2 Google Analytics

Google Analytics gives you feedbacks about your website performances. From a range of parameters, the app draws a clear insight about your traffic and where it comes from, your audience features, the type of devices used and other useful informations. You will access all the data you need to monitor your website performances and your ROI. In the report below, you can see from which sources your visitors come, your bounce rate, the number of sessions, etc.

#3 Google Trends

Which topics are hot on the web? What are people talking about and searching? Google Trends allows you to seek keywords by popularity, compare them and get insights. These insights will help you to know on which segment you should focus on and to decide which keywords are the most relevant for your activity or product.

#4 Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool provides a variety of long-tail keywords suggestions based on one keyword. The free version can be very useful for your content strategy and for organizing your keyword optimization. You can search your keywords by country and on different search engines.

#5 Siteliner

Duplicate content is an obsessive fear of any SEO manager. Siteliner finds out if there is any duplicate content on your website . Type in your URL and the app shows you clear results of what is duplicated inside of your blog and displays insights about your links. You can access details to see more precise informations.


#6 Copyscape

As Siteliner, Copyscape detects duplicate content but oustide of your blog. It tells you if there is any plagariasm of your content on other websites.

#7 Google Webmaster Tool

This app gives you feedbacks about your SEO by offering data, tools and diagnostics. It helps you respect the Google guidelines. But the fact is, it does not give you an exhaustive overview or comprehensive details. How to be sure your top product pages are easily crawlable and indexable for Google and respecting all the factors that are important for good rankings? See number 12 to get the answer!

#8 Google Keyword Planner

This app can be a great partner for your adwords strategy or simply just to know what keywords people are looking for. Google will sort out data about monthly search volumes, competition, suggested terms, etc.

#9 QuickSprout Website Analyser

This very comprehensible and intuitive app offers an overlook about your global SEO: speed, tags, keywords, social signal, links and even a competitor comparison.

#10 Moz Toolbar

The Moz Toolbar is a browser extension that provides important SEO metrics on search engine performances of every pages you visit like Domain Authority and Page Authority and much more.

11# AccuRanker guide

The competitor benchmarking guide from AccuRanker is a guide for those looking to further enhance their digital marketing efforts. Filled with useful tips and free templates to download, this guide is ideal for those looking to build up their marketing knowledge. Included in the guide are a number of great links to tools that professional marketers use on a daily basis for their SEO efforts.

The guide is split within the following parts:

  • Introduction
  • Identifying your competitors
  • Competitor onsite analysis
  • Competitor content analysis
  • Outreach: creating a list of prospects from competitor analysis
  • Competitor social media analysis
  • Ongoing / active competitor monitoring
  • Conclusion

12# OnCrawl

OnCrawl crawls your website and provides comprehensive analytics for your Onsite SEO.
This SaaS solution analyzes the entire content of a website and then provides comprehensive analytics regarding SEO elements like:

  • Tags: Titles, Descriptions, H1 tags, H2 tags, etc. …
  • Performance: Load time, Weight.
  • Architecture: Internal structure, Inlinks, Outlinks, Popularity flow…
  • Content: Duplications, word count, n-grams.

Originally published at www.oncrawl.com on April 16, 2015.