How to attract authoritative authors to your website?

Even if having guest bloggers does not have the same impact on your ranking as it used to have, content quality and popularity still matter. Authoritative authors contributing to your website can lead to better social engagement, higher click-rate and overall awareness.

As a matter of fact, there are less influencers than blogs existing. So you need to think out of the box to attract them and convince them to write on your website.
It is all about showing that you really care about their success and not only yours and that you can bring them better awareness.

The hardest part is to prove an influencer your blog worths it. In fact, writing a quality post is highly time consuming and it will be tough to convince an authoritative blogger to spend time for you blog if he does not see any value. If your website is not already an authority in its field, you need to present the future potential of it.

There are 5 actionable steps you can set up to guest authoritative authors on your website.

#1 Produce a lot of qualitative content

Your website is the product you are trying to sell. If it looks poor and not well maintain, you have no chance to convince authorities. After contacting a guest blogger, visiting your website is the first thing he will do. He will check at the quality of your content and at its periodicity. Even if your blog is not an authority yet, guest bloggers will look at its future potential and if your community is growing and engaged.

#2 Build mutual social connections

LinkedIn is a great place to build professional connections and to find authorities. Your first reflex would be to connect directly with the authority you are looking for. But to increase your chance to connect, you should first look for his company and see if you have second-degree related connections. Start conversations with these people, engage with what they are talking about, connect with them on other social channels. This technique has a double advantage. Once you will get connected with the authority, he/she will see that you have common relationships and will make your contact more trustable and valuable and secondly the more engaged you get on this platform, the more likely you will be to build new connections with other authorities you did not expect.

#3 Engage with your target

You need to be recognized to get a chance to connect with this specific authority. Connecting to his social accounts and sending an email will not be enough. You need to stand out from the crowd.
To do so, when sharing your influencer’s content, you need to add extra value. In can be by tagging the author and integrating positive comments to your sharings or asking insightful questions to your audience. But do not think you will only need to do this a couple times, this is a long-term job.
The idea is to catch his attention so when you will send a email, your name will retain his interest.

#4 Share your first success

Following what we were saying above, showing that your blog is growing and taking the right path is essential to attract authorities. Even if it is small victories, it still matters.
Write an article about what make you proud. It can be about your followers or posts number, an event that went well, an influencer that shared your article, etc. Doing this will spread a positive feeling about your website and will prove your targets that you are deeply involved in your blog success.

#5 Mention your connections

When emailing your influencer to invite him to write on your blog, be sure to mention how you might be connected. It can be via a common contact, someone you both admire or any other related person. It will be easier to thus catch his attention.

To sum up, attracting influencers to your blog is not easy and it might take some time. But do not give up and also focus on not already authoritative bloggers but not less qualitative. There are talents out there who might not be as influential as influencers but as relevant. They also can bring extra value to your blog and leverage it to the next level.

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