Infographic: A WordPress Site Migration Cheat Sheet

Our last infographic is a handy cheat sheet to migrate your WordPress website to a new domain. Follow these easy steps, check the boxes and here you go, you will be able to do your site migration without any trouble.

Infographic transcription

25% of all websites use WordPress so it is useful to know how to do a site migration. Here is an actionable cheat sheet to quickly and easily move your WordPress site to a new domain while saving as much link equity as you can.

1#Pick your domain name

Integrate your main keyword and choose a branded name.

2# Install WordPress on your new domain

Install WordPress on your new domain before moving your website.

3# Set up a robots.txt on the new domain

It will prevent the search engines from indexing your content and create duplicate content issues between the old website and the new one.
Add user-agent:* and Disallow: / to your robots.txt file.

4# Check versions between two domains

Make sure your current WordPress install is the same version as the install on your new domain.

5# Copy files over to the new domain

Open your FTP client, go where your website files are located and copy the wp-content folder on your new domain. Now your theme(s) and your plugins are all on your new domain.

6# Export the database and upload it to the new database

Log to your phpMyAdmin of your web host, export in SQL format your database and import to the new database, still in SQL.

7# Check that the wp-config.php has the right database settings and 2 lines of extra code

Check your database name and password. Then add:

  • (‘WP_SITEURL’, ‘’)
  • (‘WP_HOME’, ‘’); to replace with your right domain name

8# Check that your new settings are the same as your old domain

Your settings should remain the same so you need to double check everything.

9# Get the search and replace plugin and do a search and replace for your old URL’s and change them to your new URL’s

Keep a backup of your database while doing this.

10# Verify everything

Check again your new website before launching it and focus on links, URLs, etc..

11# Remove the robots.txt exclusion

12# Add this code to your .htaccess file on your old domain

Redirect 301 /

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