Important Call Center Trends for 2019

On Second Thought
Dec 19, 2018 · 3 min read
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Looking for innovative ways way to boost your call center productivity in 2019? We compiled a short article on the key call center trends to streamline your operation and keep clients engaged.

Put Your Business in the Cloud

A traditional call center office location isn’t needed today. Companies can use cloud communication and project-management software to build a remote workforce.

Cloud-based platforms, real-time messaging, and teamwork tools keep agents in touch with consumers. Agents and callers interact in the same way they would from a traditional office.

Cloud-based call centers reduce in-house staff and overhead. At the same time, they can use more agents. Hiring isn’t confined to a geographic location. You hire the best employees, not the best employees who live nearby.

If you’re considering expanding your existing workforce, explore the option of building remote teams to support your customers.

Use Omni-channel Communication

Omni-channel communication provides customers with a seamless experience across their devices. Contact is consistent between desktop, mobile device, telephone, or in person.

Research shows companies with omni-channel customer engagement retain 89% of their customers. Companies with weak omni-channel engagement keep 33%.

Omni-channel is consumer-centric. It makes navigating between company touchpoints easy and seamless. Customers don’t want to repeat their problem to many agents. They want the agent to know their history and resolve the issue in the shortest timeframe possible.

Agents with access to details across all channels provide the best service.

Intelligent Interactive Voice Response

Call centers have used Interactive Voice Response (IVR) for years. Now, artificial intelligence (AI) elevates its importance.

AI speech recognition can identify words and tone. That data, plus the customer’s history, gives callers a personalized experience. Instead of a general queue, IVR systems forward calls to a specific department or agent. Customers get help from someone who is familiar with their situation.

Advanced Self-service Tools

Self-service is the fastest, most cost-effective type of customer service. Studies of consumer feedback reveal customers prefer self-service over contacting a support agent.

Self-serve tools include everything from video tutorials to FAQ pages to virtual agents. People want to solve problems fast. Most don’t mind managing the process themselves.

Implement this trend and build a resource library for your customers. It gives them service 24/7. Innovative call centers will offer comprehensive self-serve alternatives as well as live agents.

Use Analytics to Improve Service

It’s a data-driven world because information helps businesses evolve and improve. The fastest way to identify problems is to measure agent performance.

Call centers that check performance know what their customers want and need. Why guess when customers can tell you first-hand?

Gather direct customer feedback through brief surveys and follow-up calls or emails. Quality assurance software measures the number of calls, resolution times, and other criteria. Identify and focus on problem areas.

Data measures performance and predicts consumer behavior. Use your analytics to find which self-serve and in-person services clients prefer. Incorporate new methods, then measure and refine the process.

Implement Recall Technology

Call centers now have access to technology that empowers their agents to:

While message takeback technology may add a couple of seconds to the transmission time, it can vitally save time and money over the course of each interaction, resulting in millions of dollars of savings for call centers each year.

On Second Thought’s innovative delay-and-recall technology, OST Undo, is the key to stopping bad messages from being received without interrupting the customer service experience. It delivers a win-win for centers, agents and customers, reducing call center costs while enhancing the overall customer service experience.

To learn more about the impact of messaging mistakes download our white paper:

Your Key to Cutting Call Center Messaging Mistakes in Half

Interested companies can pilot OST Undo with users over a 60-day period. Contact to get started.

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