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On Second Thought
Nov 17, 2017 · 2 min read

Ever sent a message you wished you could take back? Now, ever sent a message you wanted you could take back, to someone you’ve just met? That’s pretty much what happens when it comes to texting mistakes within an online dating app, and it makes for a pretty uncomfortable user experience.

We surveyed over 300 online daters — people who had used one of the dozen dating apps most popular among English-speaking users within the last six months — to find out what effect texting mistakes had on the user experience.

45% of users had sent a mistaken message, and nearly 30% of those who’d sent an erroneous message reported that their mistake was the end of the road for that connection

But are users interested in a solution?
There’s no doubt. We introduced users to a feature that allowed them to take back bad messages before they got to the recipient. 83% of users would use the functionality if given the opportunity –that’s more than the number that sent a bad message! Moreover, 20% of users believe they’d use the feature on a daily basis.

What’s the value of a better user experience?
We looked at the willingness to pay in two different ways among users who weren’t currently paying anything for a dating app — 64% of our total sample. First, we asked directly about their willingness to pay to access the feature and generated 11% willingness to pay a monthly fee to access the feature, with about 40% of this subset willing to pay $5 a month or more.

Second, we asked about their likelihood to purchase a premium subscription (without specifying a price), and 9% indicated an increased willingness to upgrade.

We then looked at the subset of customers that were already spending money on dating apps. Among this group:
· 34% would be more likely to choose the service over a competitor
· 24% would keep the platform
· 21% would recommend the platform

Worth a second thought
For users who struggle to present their authentic self as they reach out to meet new people and make new connections, a chance to correct embarrassing mistakes before they reach the recipient provides extra comfort and security.

On Second Thought

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