Take Me Back

Oh, the nineties. The decade filled with acid wash jeans, shoulder pads, Zack Morris phones, video dating, and our favorite creative and hilarious pick-up lines. Though you had a few trusty standbys, it’s no debate, Will Smith was king.

All hail Will, the freshest Prince, no, King of Pick-up Lines

Your attempts at pickup lines might have embarrassed you in front of a few people who overheard, but the damage was limited. Now, your humiliation — a message to the wrong recipient, super awkward typo, the line you realized was sophomoric the moment you hit ‘Send’ — can be seen by millions and saved forever on the Internet.

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With higher stakes and greater impact, what can save us from a disastrous #meetcute?

At On Second Thought, we wanted to understand how many potential flames were extinguished by messaging mistakes — the messages you send and immediately wish you could take back. The answer turned out to be big enough to…necessitate this blog post.

We polled over 300 online daters — people who have used one of the dozen most popular dating apps within the last 6 months. We were shocked to learn 1 in 5 users shattered their chances with their match as a result of their mistake.

Don’t be a creeper.

Survey says

We learned this when we surveyed mobile users — 70% of all smartphone owners have sent a text they wished they could take back. So when we looked specifically at messaging in dating apps, we weren’t that surprised to find messaging mistakes were plentiful here as well. Our survey showed 45% of daters have sent a message they wanted to take back.

Love is a Battlefield

As you know, it’s harder to fix a mistake when it’s your first, or early, impression. Nearly 30% of those who’d sent a mistaken message reported that their mistake took their connection from four bars to ‘No Service’ — the recipient ghosted. For 15% of our texters in need of saving, a bad message resulted in a canceled date. An additional 6% were blocked or reported.

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Good News

Ever wish you could send your second thought? We have stories and solutions. Tune in next week, and we’ll share how badly users want to be saved from bad messages, and the big opportunity for the dating apps that provide this service.

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