I think I’m going to have to write more about it.
Heather Nann

I really think you should. I come from the bottom and now I’m “middle class” but we’ve moved my mother in with us and she was even poorer as a child. I watch her a lot and I see how her not having things (basic needs) limited her. How her not having a father limited her. How not getting more than a high school diploma limited her and I had all those things and it exposed me to things she never was exposed to. I have to catch myself when I get frustrated when I feel like she should just “know” certain things. It has taught me that this individualistic myth we live in of “you can do anything” can be misleading. It leads to people thinking they are better than others. If they’ve made it or made it out the hood (or whatever). It leads to people projecting judgments and assertions on the “least of these” that are shallow and narrow minded. I learned, one doesnt know what one doesn’t know and just telling someone that they can be anything they want to be (or could have) isn’t going to cut it. So your comment sheds light on that. Thank you.

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