Bastian draws the Void card. It’s all he gets to do this session.

Not really sure if I’ve even talked about my D&D character, Bastian Due, the half-elf bard that I play in my brother’s campaign, at least not on Medium.

Anyway, here’s how tonight’s session went.

We head to the crappy inn to rest up after killing a newly born god of pure evil that had had its soul split in two and stored in a creepy baby and a creepy doll. We used up EVERYTHING we had to defeat it and banish it back to the Abyss.

So we head to an inn to unwind, meeting up with the new player, a water Genasi sorcerer, or “fish monger” as his occupation would suggest (he’s level 5, and bored with selling fish day in and day out).

Our warlock buys us all a round of dragon’s piss, a drink that’s as powerful and disgusting as it sounds, yet fermented into drinkable alcohol. New guy, who’s character is called Hydra Tide (coolest name ever), goes up to the bar for another water. Get gets into a fight on the way, as a shady guy ‘accidentally’ rocks his chair back and the two fall over one another. The npc lifts his coin purse and a fight ensues, but the sorcerer uses Thunderwave before anyone else gets a turn. Two guys basically go down in one hit (Thunderwave is like an explosion of concussive force centred on the caster, and it knocked these two something like 20 feet away and obliterated the wooden table. Needless to say, he got his money back when Watchful, the Tiefling rogue “leading” the party, told him to after stabbing his buddy. “And the interest.” *NPC hands over his own coin purse*.)

Then, when we all go back to our table, Watchful persuades Hydra to play cards with her. She has this magic card deck, the Deck of Many Things, which is… way more interesting that what Hydra’s player is thinking (she’s cut the deck, is what he’s thinking).

Watchful draws a card. She gets the immediate enmity of a powerful fiend. And she knows it. (she’s also gotten 50,000 exp from last time, and someone else got all her magic weapons stripped of their power)

Hydra gets a reset button power, from now until the day he dies, he can undo any one event. I think that means he can reshape his own past, I’m not sure, but probably nothing from before A. his birth and B. drawing the card. UNLESS time travel is involved, that is. But I don’t know that for a fact, so this is speculation on my part. Still, powerful fucking magic.

The warlock, Murrikin, wants in too, and gets ownership of a keep, somewhere in the world, and he’ll know it when he sees it.

I figure, okay, I’ve always wanted to draw ONE card. So I’ll draw.

I draw Void.

The party sees me collapse. Alive, but out. The warlock, whose patron is The Great Old One, tries to reach into my mind, and gets… static. Oh shit, they realize.

So after communing with his patron, the warlock learns that my soul is in the keep he now owns, in the basement, trapped inside a statue, and there’s a demon or devil involved.

After taking me to the temple to be watched over and prayed for, the party are now at the keep that the warlock owns, and are about to go into the basement, where The Heart Of Lilith lies, and inside that, my soul. I think, and we (the players) all agree, that the three are connected, ie that Watchful has now got an enemy in Lilith, or at least an avatar thereof. We’ve tangled with a statue of an elf maiden that turned into basically a succubus before, so this is not unfamiliar territory for us. Last time, she and I were both charmed by the succubus. This time, I’m inside the succubus. No, not like that! (if only, eh?)

So all up, I got to watch the bar brawl, draw a card, and wait helplessly while the players found out how to get to my soul.

I’m going to be so damaged mentally when I get out of the statue, likely next session, but I have no idea how that’ll go, only that madness will be the result in some form.

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