May-June goals

  1. D&D. I’ve got this campaign, reaching a point of so much fleshed out in the early stages of play that it will practically run itself with help from the players. I’m simply loving working on *this* one. The previous one, that was just not any good. The players I was stupid enough to invite in were total n00bs too. Combative, dank, terrible character in one case, no grasp on the idea of the game, and, in the other, a grasp of the idea but not understanding that “no, this character is only level one, I know it SAYS level 5 on the sheet, but I am telling you, as a veteran, this is NOT a level 5 character. These stats are for level ONE.” Needless to say, I don’t play with either of those two players any more. I currently play in my brother’s campaign, with him as DM, giving me a chance to play a PC instead (and I’m loving it, playing someone basically like Gambit, although envisioned originally as practically Kvothe, is a special kind of fun, though I only tend to use the one spell. Repeatedly. But I’m almost level 6, so I’m SO getting Fireball and probably Lightning Bolt then. I’m a Bard, but I’m College of Lore, and I have Firebolt from a feat. I can also sing my opponents into submission, and identify magic items, as well as have a story for every scenario. We’ve taken on dragons, giants and gods, and although they’re all baby versions, we’re making a name for ourselves as fearsome. Mostly though, we’re just making sure Watchful, our Tiefling Rogue who’s basically leading us (gods help us), doesn’t do anything INCREDIBLY stupid. Again. As for my own campaign, I’ve got a clear direction I want to go in overall, but the way the story works, you can pick any compass point and you’ll have to go there anyway. And I’ve got to say, this is my proudest achievement in campaign design. Although, my first holds a special place in my heart for a few reasons, namely it links a bunch of free adventures together into a logical, cohesive whole.
  2. Writing. Crystal City is working out so much better now that I’ve had, quote, a mental laxative regarding some recent events. Plus, a certain girl is out of my life and I can focus so much better. The memory + focus pills I take certainly help matters too. (the Swisse stuff, it’s amazing how fast my mind works on this)
  3. Shadow of Mordor. It rocks. It’s frustrating sometimes, but it rocks. Grizzled antihero with murdered wife and child? Check. Cool soul-bond to a wraith with amnesia? Check. Stealth mechanic that makes sense while being easy enough to wrap your head around? Check. All the best parts of Assassin’s Creed and Ubisoft games without the boring, tedious fetch quests and collectables? Check. Amazingly original enemy captain leaderboard system? Check. Bosses you have to identify the strengths and weaknesses of? Check. Combat system right out of Arkham Asylum? Check. Pure, unadulterated slaughter of orcs? Check, check and triple check. Have I gotten further than last time? Yes. Yes I have. It was hard to wrap my head around, and I died way too easy the first time, but this time it’s much clearer how to play it. It always is. Not that it’s easier to win or anything. There’s only one setting, and it’s “you’re gonna die. A lot.” But there’s an in-game reason you respawn every time. Even if the enemy who killed you goes up a level.
  4. Look for a job.
  5. Go to the gym more.