What happened in the Void, stays in the Void

It’s been about 4 weeks real time since I drew the Void card for my D&D character, Bastian, and we’ve only been able to have 2 sessions in that time, due to my brother being super sick when we wanted to do the last session previously. Everyone was still a bit under the weather when we got to it, too, so the last session was pretty tedious to watch.

But yesterday, the DM and I sat down and we played through a spirit quest for Bastian, or dream quest, or something like that.

Knowing my brother’s imagination, I knew it was going to be pretty damn cool.

I was not disappointed.

I wake up in a bed, but the bed is a coffin. There are priests all around me, the ones from the gnome temple we came from, where I know my body is being kept safe overnight.

I can’t hear anything from them, their mouths are moving but hear… nothing. Nothing but the sound your ears make when they’ve been damaged by rock and roll.

I get up, and poke a priest to see if any of them interact with me. Also, that came out so wrong.

Seeing that I’ll get nothing out of staying here, I follow the glowing stone road out of the area, and that closes up behind me. To either side of the road, is a drop down to a sea of lava. Above the sky is… weird. Ahead, is a city made of stalagmites. I’m walking along and the ground gives way. I make my Dex save and avoid falling into the lava. I hear children’s voices singing, above, and when I climb up, I see three little girls singing “Ring Around the Rosie” and dancing.

Their faces are black holes.

“Play with us!” they squeal.

“Sorry, I’ll pass.”

“PLAY WITH US!” they demand, their voices turned demonic. The lava turns blue, and a single red coal appears in their void-faces.

While the singing and dancing continues.

I use Thunderwave. I think I destroy two of them outright, and they vanish, the other makes its save and continues to sing as it falls down into the lava. I like to remember this as the point where it is cut off in the “A tissue, a tissue, we all fall — ” *whoosh* Into the lava with you.

I make it to the stalagmite city, and there’s an archway with two gargoyle’s on top. I try and enter, but the archway bites me, turning into a dragon’s mouth. The gargoyles come to life and flank me. One nearly slashes me in half.

“Come home,” the mouth says. I’m not sure if it means me or the gargoyles, but as the tongue turns into stairs leading down, it probably means me. Braving it, I descend, and the stairs turn golden and sticky. Ahead of me it congeals into an ooze and I use firebolt on it. I don’t make it through this fight.

When I come to, I’m in front of a sword in a stone — however, between the two is a half-elf female, begging for help. I tell her it’s going to be alright, as I try and pry the sword free. It budges enough to come out, but I manage to snap it in half. She falls back onto it, and I’m left with half a sword. I have to pry her off the other half. Once I do that, I heal her, and before she can thank me, the stone awakens.

“She does not concern you. She belongs to me.”


“I am guarding the heart of Lillith.”

“Is she Lillith?” I ask, indicating the half-elf girl.

The rock attacks me, and I slash it with my half-a-sword.

I ask her for help, and she casts a holy fire spell. The battle almost kills us both, but each hit causes embers and cracks of lava to form in the stone creature. I prevail, just, and it crumbles. I heal her, she heals me, I ask her her name.

“It’s been so long… I can’t remember anything but this.”


A hole opens up and a rope ladder comes tumbling down. A big, glowing arrow appears, pointing up.

“Well, I guess this is me. Are you coming?”

“What’s up there? This is all I know.”

“Then I guess we’re going on an adventure!”

We climb up, and manage not to have either fall to our oblivion.

We rise up into a summer field. The birds are singing, the grass is covered in flowers, the sun is smiling — literally — and everything’s eerily perfect.

Except for this twisted, nasty looking tree.

“Uh, let’s rest here for a bit. I need to gather my strength.”


I rest, and it’s night, and there’s fireflies leading in a line to the creepy tree. I guess that’s my path. I go up to it, and prod it gently with a stalagmite club I picked up from a gargoyle, I think. It’s actually got several mouths under the bark, and I almost lose the club. The leaves, they have eyes in them. That’s not creepy.

Two of the fireflies zip in to attack me, but I avoid one. Good thing, because one of them nearly kills me.

The girl and I disengage, retreat, and I cast Cloud of Daggers on the tree. The tree moves forward, consuming the deadly fireflies, and taking a ton of slashing damage. Firebolt, recasting Cloud of Daggers every time we move back, and her casting holy flame, repeat until it dies (it’s not a very smart tree, if it just keeps coming for us, nor is very fast, moving only ten feet a turn).

The tree dies, and…

That’s where we leave it.

We’ll be picking up the campaign where we left off, tomorrow evening. Hopefully, the party will get to me then. They don’t have far to go, but they could fuck it up really bad. And by could I mean will, and by bad I mean epically. :)