What would happen if the famous reply all button is removed ?

Does this question sound familiar? How many times it popped to your mind when sending an email to a group of people, co workers and praying not to get silly answer like “please get me out of this thread, or guys please stop replying to this thread” for god sake your already did and pushed the thread more. LOL

This is a daily life story during work or in collage while sitting in front of our laptops , but guess what?

The virus easily moved to our phones. Chatting and texting with friends can easily blast your mind, kill your phone battery and make you wonder why the hell am doing this to my self.

You have just texted your friends with guys today we are going to meet at 6, don’t be late.” now lay and watch 20 replies of the same context “OK”. ☹

Even when you are trying to have fun with your friends and invites them to a friday night house party, they reply the good you did by pissing you off and ask you “Really? , When?, what was the address ?” btw they are childhood friends and it is not the first time to had a house party ??!!!! ohh god i am getting tired already.

This made me think, no this button has ruined our lives and ruined how we communicate as groups. This have to come to an end.

Let’s delete the reply all button.

let’s make announcements , group sharing and group events and friends communication clean, robust and to the point.

Delete the reply all button, a thought that kept rotating in my head for days. Delete it and kill this virus. As known to start killing virus you should start by the part that are mostly infected “Phones”.

An app, where i can send my latest updates, sneaks about what i am doing now, invitations, announcements and politely not allowing people to reply.

Just gesture me with what you want to say.

A mobile app i can use to invite friends to a house party and let them all get noticed at once and have my life saved and if for any reason someone needs details let him talk to me personally, thanks to texting & calling they are still available and always will be.

Or to share a picture for the design i found at the contemporary art fair with my project mates while all what that they can do is to Double tap == “OK, we find it fits” or Swipe it == “Not as we think”

Or even to show couple of friends the big sale i found at the GAP. At this moment all what i am thinking off is to get gears up and get my pocket ready. They knew about it, they Swipe it, they aren’t interested , they Cool it (Double Tap it) they are coming and joining me.

Or for sending a couple of draft titles for the latest article i am writing and just get what friends and colleagues think of it 6 cools ( Double Taps )out of 10 absolutely means i am on the right track.

Cases are endless, possibilities are limitless everything depends on how much you want to get rid of endless conversation, hassle of keeping up with pointless replies & talks and enjoy the simplicity of sharing stuff with friends, coworkers and team mates.

The app is about days from being ready on app store and soon the virus will be contained. it depends on how much you could help us for that.

We for sure will not stop at the Apple phones we are having so much work to do, also laptops are not missed but let’s take baby steps till we reach what we want to do.

I am Mohammed Elbalkini, Co founding a simple app called Voise.

I previously wrote this post on my blog

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