tender 6591 — “Its cold here” by Damien Hirst

Wait…People are Buying JPEGs?!

On July 14th, I was in a group chat with some friends shooting the shit as usual. Our conversations range from sports to investing to what we’re currently learning about. For the past 11 months, I have been really trying to understand what this whole NFT (non-fungible token) thing was…

As Black Founder, I strongly believe in the transformative power of transparent storytelling. There is no playbook on how to navigate society or venture capital so “tips and tricks” are passed on like spoken word in private rooms and side channels. We need to lift as we climb. We must pull for one another.

As I sit here today writing this piece, the country burns as thousands of Black Americans (and our allies) are expressing their pain and mourning the loss of countless citizens — most recently George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor. While citizens of all backgrounds are marching in almost every…

‘Founder’ and ‘father’ are not mutually exclusive, even during the coronavirus lockdown

He didn’t want to take a nap so we ended up making him “glasses” like mine. Photo courtesy of the author.

Of all of the hats I wear, “Dad” is my favorite.

I’m writing this essay as my son watches Toy Story 4. My workday productivity is down to probably 40% of normal, so I’m mixing in more evening and naptime hours to get my work done. …

Harold Hughes

Dad. Sports fanatic. Founder & CEO of @BandwagonTix. 3rd shift entrepreneur. Jamaican-American. Clemson Alum. Alpha man. Builder. Connector.

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