Your older relatives don’t need any more socks or that adult coloring book you’ve had your eye on. Surprise them, instead. It doesn’t have to be difficult to pick out gifts for grandparents. Why not offer them tech gifts that are unique and they probably don’t already have? Giving them tech gifts will help your grandparents feel like they are a part of today’s innovations. Here are our six picks for the best tech gifts for grandparents and parents.

For the Hug-Loving Grandma: Long Distance Friendship Lamps

When you turn one lamp on, the other one lights up, no matter where in the world it is. You can…

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Did you know that regular social interaction not only makes you feel better, but it can actually extend your lifespan? Studies have shown that a lack of social engagement can lead to poor mental, physical, and cognitive health outcomes. In fact, people with strong social ties have a 50% increase in their lifespan over those who are socially isolated. Since older adults are often at a greater risk of loneliness and health complications, socializing is more important than…

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It’s like we live in a disaster movie. Scratch that; an alien invasion show where they walk among us, and I’ve been having a hard time. We now live in a world where in person communication is difficult, where avoiding others is normal. I realized this as I walked down the snack aisle at my local Kroger, searching for Hint of Lime tortilla chips. As I pushed my cart to the side to let a woman roll by, I gave a nice, warm smile and was met with nothing, a blank stare back. My mask hid a form of communication

Research has proved social engagement improves health. Low social engagement has been linked to impaired cognitive function, and development and onset of dementia, according to University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. When face to face interactions aren’t an option, socializing virtually can reap the same health benefits.

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Video chat and phone calls are the frontrunners in the social communication races, but the multifaceted benefits of video calls make video chats the best option.

Here are four reasons why you should be using video chat, not phone calls, to socialize with your friends and family, including your parents and grandparents.

It’s Effective

Around 70% of…

Who decided that virtual birthday parties were a great idea? The concept is compelling, but there’s something unsatisfying about the way they turn out. People talk over each other, multiple conversations go on at once, and you can’t get a word in. Instead of all these overwhelming family meetings, why not connect in a smaller group? Engaging with an older relative one-on-one can be rewarding. Getting an older adult to join a video chat sounds challenging, but designed it’s easy to use platform with your parents and grandparents in mind. …

Now that Coronavirus has kept us farther apart than a chaperone at a middle school dance, we’ve all had to get used to more virtual methods of communication. Video chat has suddenly entered your life like never before, you have to ask yourself how you can look just as good on screen as you do in person. Many people think they are video chat experts. However, people are victims of the same pitfalls over and over again. They only show half their face on the screen, are barely audible, or have some kind of circus happening behind them. …

My cofounder Alan and I walk into a small conference room to greet a reporter. She’s interviewing us about the technology startup we’re building, called

As we shake hands and exchange polite smiles, I notice her glancing around the room before she looks back to us. It’s clear from her intrigued expression that we’re not the cofounders she was expecting.

We can’t blame her, though, because we’ve seen it before. It’s a common reaction to the unusual dynamic that makes up our team. Alan and I both attended Washington and Lee University. I graduated in 2014. Alan, in 1970. Cofounders Dillon Myers (left) and Alan Gibson (right) pictured above. is a video chat company that enhanced its design for older adult users and proved the platform’s potential to improve health through socializing.

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