A piece my aunt purchased me from Delmon Pottery during my trip to Bahrain. She dropped it on her way to wave a cab down and it broke. She asked the owner if he could replace the piece and he asked to see it. She showed him and he immediately called for one of his potters to come and see. “Allahu Akbar!”, the men rejoiced. My aunt asked what was going on & he replied that they had made hundreds of pieces with “Allah” (God) on them. Many of them had broken at one point or another, but Allah’s name was always intact. They thanked us, closed up shop, and prayed. The top half of the tag reads “Allah”. The entirety of the tag reads “Masha’Allah” which means “this is what God has willed”.


my heart skips a beat

a cold sweat overtakes me

and suddenly

I’m scrambling to find comfort

in human beings

knowing sure and well

that the best of us

know not of comfort

lest with you

I think myself

too human

to understand the perpetual motion of our spiritual energy

too focused on the visible powers

to notice the miraculous nature of the unseen existence

too impatient

for luck and opportunity to make acquaintance

but I am a student of life

a citizen of the universe

an observer of circumstance

my job here is not done

until the end is rought

but I write this in hopes that it will serve as a reminder

that creation will exist in haste

except those who remember the magnitude

of their creator

and the ephemeral nature

of this lifetime