Historian For the Hunted

I dare to speak up for the ones who are silent

The perished

The dead

Who were taken by violence

By hatred so evil

It sets off the sirens

In hearts of the many

Affected by climate

Imposed by the powers

Want life for us, gory

Oppress us

& kill us

Then rewrite our stories

Use ignorant persons

To push their agendas

Then blame them

Condemn them

Say it’s their dilemma

Real narratives living

On tongues of the spared

So shook they stay quiet

They bury despair

Their silence a guise

That shields them from torture

But the truth beats them harder

Than any enforcer

It crawls up their throats

In the night as they sleep

Wake up soaked in fear

And they weep, and they weep

I will speak for the silent

For the quiet

& meek

For lions without historians

When their time is most bleek

I will speak for the mothers

Whose children are deep

Six feet under earth

Their hearts aching in grief

I will speak for Aleppo

For Flint

For Treyvon

I will speak up for Hamza

And baby Aylan

I will speak up for Deah

Yusor & Razan

I will speak for Ciara

Those who’ve done nothing wrong

I will speak for those sinking

In deep seas of sorrows

Holding hope in their palm

For a brighter tomorrow

It is they who push me

To be great

To be proud

I will speak for them loud

No guise and no shroud

I will speak, I will speak

’Til I can’t speak no more

And when that day comes

Some must take up the chore

Show them to be louder

Teach the children their voice

Of resilience is power

Tell them all to make noise

They must speak for the silent

There is no other choice

They must fall on all ears

Then one day we’ll rejoice

In a land known as paradise

Prepped for arrival

Of those who have fought

For what’s right

What is vital

For humanity


For what makes us all great

On that day we will rest

No more pain

No more hate