The property world is shifting to digital.

Digital disruption is a reality and perhaps one of the most fascinating phases businesses of all shapes and sizes are going through at the moment. The Ubers, Netflixes and Airbnb’s of this world have been disrupting their industries and increasing market share with smart innovations and user friendly digital business models. However, the ability to catch up with new industry trends and capitalise on the “all digital” customer behaviour is what is going to differentiate the winners from the likes of Kodak and Nokia. Traditional thinking about the property industry working the way it’s always been working is probably the single biggest obstacle to innovation for estate agents today. Let’s look at some facts:

  • 65% of property activity happens online when High Street agents are closed (Purplebricks)
  • 5 billion visits have been recorded on Rightmove’s digital platforms in 2016
  • 98% of buyers and tenants go straight to Rightmove and Zoopla when searching for properties
  • 30% of leads get missed by estate agents operating without technology — 48% only get a follow up call within the 24 hours

Can you afford to be left behind?

If you’re a High Street estate agent operating without digital technology to capture customer data at any touchpoint, 24/7, you’re undoubtedly limiting your business. Additionally, with consumers raising the bar for a better digital experience, your ability to instantly capture and convert online is key to more leads and more deals.

Here’s some food for thought:

If there was a way you could save enough time to do one more valuation a day, how would that benefit you? You work 250 days out of the year, you’re a great salesman so you probably close more than half the leads you value. If only you could use technology to your advantage and take on 100 or more properties a year, how much more would you make? At a conservative £1000 of revenue per lead, you could be looking at bringing in an additional £100k a year through the time a tool like that would save you.

Ditch “disruption”. Time to bring technology into the open.

At OneDome, we know that digital technology can enable positive change for all players in this industry, rather than just be enjoyed by a handful.

So we’re making it available to everyone.

We are here to help estate agents leverage the digital technology enjoyed by on-line competitors. Our digital communications platform connects agents, customers and workflows fully integrated with their calendars and their website. All of this without the need for costly software development and maintenance, whilst surpassing the technological capabilities of “hybrid” agents.