One Family FAQ.

We just published our FAQ. Sharing it here too for our readers.

thought we must say that we have really tried our best to make the website very intuitive and hopefully, you don’t need to read the FAQ. But if you must, here it is.

What is OneFamily?

OneFamily is social network for families. It helps build family tree through collaboration. We call it Family Map though. You can invite currently living members to join you on the social platform. Following are the major features:

  • Create Family Tree/Family map
  • Create a social network of family by inviting the living members to the platform
  • Add biographies of ancestors and forefathers and preserve results of your genealogy research
  • Write Family History
  • Add historical documents, newspaper clippings, old photos to your digital shoebox.
  • All of the above will automatically be shared with members in your family map.
  • Your future unknown generations will also have access to your documents when they join the OneFamily social network.
  • Discover your Greater Family — Our custom algorithm will search the network to find descendants from same forefathers and suggest people who may be distant cousins to you.
  • There is a discussion forum that will help you keep in touch with close and faraway family, and the new family members you may discover.
  • Create a living history of your family by sharing your status and current photos.
  • Write your own autobiography. By default it’s private and can be viewed only by you. You can choose to make your autobiography public in the future, for example 50 years from now, or 150 years from now, or when you leave Earth.

Why is the url of the website and not

As you are probably aware, most of the good .com names are already gone. We really liked the name “One Family” since it represents the ethos of the website — The world is One Family. Our first preference was but that was already taken. So, we settled for Hey, as long as you know what to type in the browser bar, it’s ok, isn’t it?

How do I add new family members?

Go to Family page. In the Family map, hover on person for whom you want to add a relative. A tooltip will appear. One of the options in the tooltip is “Add Family”. Click on it. A new popup will come where you can enter the details of new person and add.

A person has already registered on the website. How do I add him or her to my family map?

In the navigation bar, click on Search Family. In the next screen, search for the person by name. Choose the right person from results and send an invite to join your family map. When the person accepts the invite, he/she will be automatically added to your family map.

Two people in my family map are related but they are not directly connected on the map? How do I connect them?

Keep in mind that the Family Map is created dynamically and shown from the perspective of the user who is logged in. So, in most of the situations, you shouldn’t do anything. But if you do want to see a direct connection in your version of Family map, you can do it. Control+Click the mouse on the first person. Without releasing the click, drag the mouse to the target person, and then release the mouse. A pop-up will ask you to define the relationship between the two.

Please note that you can’t do it for every person. You need to have the edit rights for that person. We strongly recommend that you use this feature only to join yourself with someone else.

How do I add details of my foreparents?

In the Family map, hover the mouse over one of your foreparents. A tooltip will appear. Click on the link “view/edit profile”. In the next page, you can add the details.

Please note that you can’t edit every person. You need to have the edit rights for that person. If you can’t edit a person, the text of the link will simply read “Profile”.

Why can I edit some people but not some others?

You need to have the edit rights for a person to edit their details. When you create a person on the family map, you automatically get the edit rights for that person. Other people in your family map will not be able to edit it. In the future, we may allow to expand the edit rights.

When you invite the person to join the platform and they accept the invitation, you lose the edit rights for that person. This makes sense actually. It allows you to edit details of your forefathers who may not be alive but let the living family members take control of their own accounts.

How do I save the Biography/Family History? I don’t see any save button.

We automatically save your Biography and Family History every few milliseconds. Trust us, you won’t lose any data.

I want to keep “My Story” (autobiography) secret. I don’t want to share it with anybody.

The default setting for your autobiography is secret, i.e. only you can view it. You can choose to make it public in the future, either 5 years from now or 150 years from now.