My Dark Starr

by G.D.S. Balk aka (GoldieDoc)

Foreword: My fantasy piece pays homage to Christine Feehan’s work “Dark Series” Novels as one of her biggest fans. This series inspired me to create my own characters based off her beloved Carpathians to whom I fell in love with. See her work here:

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Charter 16

2006 (Summer) Athens, Greece

The threesome, Starla Xzanadria, Roberto and Demetra, had gone to the caves that night, following the triumphant fight with the undead. Dr. Starla had purged all the impurities of the vampires blood from Demetra, as she carefully explained to her the process of the conversion, the capabilities and the liabilities, it would entail. The process had to be expedited, as time was running short for them to remain in Athens. Starla performed the first blood exchange, and Roberto the second, before she ended with the final exchange on the third night. The conversion was successfully completed, though it had been a rather difficult one.

The Jaguar spirit had fought hard, as it was superseded by the Angel and Carpathian spirits. On the rising after the conversion, Demetra awoke to find Starla staring at her in a trance, before she blinked, and gave her an enlightened smile with a strange twinkle in her eyes. “Welcome to your new life,” she had simply said. The fourth rising had been comprised of feedings and acclimating Demetra to her newly acquired abilities. Her aura was copper. She, too, was an accelerated learner, having already been a skilled fighter from the start, with her Jaguar spirit. The three figures now lay huddled together in underwear beneath the earth with Starla in the middle resting in the Carpathian sleep for added protection.

One heart began to beat, then two and three, as they instantly became aware of the disturbance in the atmosphere. “They are here,” Starla said, telepathically to Roberto and Demetra. Then in the next moment, the three of them burst from the ground into the cave. They stood holding hands, in a circle. Each closed their eyes, and sought into themselves. The voices rang out like heavenly music when the chant began. “The Power of Three With In Me, I Invoke Thee…” Three times. Then the blinding bright light flashed inside the cave, and lo and behold, in the center of it stood, three celestial beings with auras of copper, silver and gold, with giant translucent wings on their backs.

Each of them were attired in identical, unisex warrior’s apparel, and gear, but in their respective colors. Demetra was in copper, Roberto in silver, and Starla in her gold. They catapulted into the air, shooting across the sky like comets in the night. The battle was fierce and swift, as the six undead creatures had been defeated without so much as a scrape on either of the angel-warriors. Although, the battle had been won on this night, more of the vampires were certainly on their way to the area, the trio knew.

As one of the creatures had even gloated to Starla, mid-battle, before she had swiftly decapitated it, “The Harrier is wreaking havoc across the continent in search of you. But I have found you first.” She had said nothing of this bit of news to her two companions, as to keep from alarming them. Instead, the trio feed, and went to ground that night to rest. But on the next rising, early that afternoon, while the undead yet slept, Starla Xzanadria, Roberto and Demetra, headed for Africa, Egypt to be exact. This destination was where the threesome remained for a while.

Several months had past since Starla had left Voltar and the Carpathians, in Romania, and started her journey with Roberto and Demetra, her new family. They lived together, slept together, hunted and fed together, during their travels across the continent of Africa. The otherworldly family of three, with three unborns, visited many exotic locales, as they made their way to the Rainforests of South America, where they now camped. Their special bond was uniquely tight, and strengthening daily. Roberto and Demetra now trained with Erik, Starla’s golden, Viking shadow-warrior, and their skills were perfectly honed. Each quite fierce in their own rite.

Dr. Starla’s waist had only slightly thickened with the advancement of her pregnancy, even though she was carrying triplets. This was mainly due to her extreme physical fitness, and her other-worldly being. She had experienced no complications, but some breast swelling and tenderness, and an increased appetite for fresh meat, which the hunt adequately provided for, as well as the appeasing of her Carpathian needs. The babies were healthy and vibrantly active, as Starla felt their awesome powers within her, combined with her own. Yet her mind remained blocked from Voltar’s. But at times, she would sense his desolation, and send him waves of reassurance and comfort, ever so briefly, before quickly shutting herself off from him again. As not to leave a mental trail.

Meanwhile, the Carpathians were devising yet another plan in attempts to locate Starla. Nothing had been successful thus far. They were growing more desperate, as the days and nights flew by. It had already been close to six months since Starla had fled them all in anger and hurt. They had searched relentlessly, high and low, with Voltar and friar Josef. In turn, The Harrier, had become rampant, dispatching swiftly and lethally, everything that got in his way, in his unrelenting search for his lifemate. Many vampires and werewolves alike, had been killed, most brutally, along the way. Though, one or two had managed to escape his deadly wrath, to tell the tale of his fury. Voltar’s anger at Starla Xzanadria and Roberto was absolute, and he was losing patience with his fellow Carpathians.

He must find her soon. Time was growing short. Voltar could feel the dark change coming over him with each new rising without his lifemate’s presence in his life. All, were deeply concerned for him, and for her, and their unborn children, should he lose his soul and turn. Friar Josef was finding it increasingly difficult to keep him anchored. Voltar needed his lifemate, Starla Xzanadria, post haste. The mystical seer had mysteriously shown up when the Carpathians had gathered back at Mikhail’s home to regroup, after yet another wild goose chase from the leads to Starla’s whereabouts. Holding tightly, the large tear shaped diamond that Voltar had reluctantly handed her, the seer said, “I see the ancient Grecian ruins, a crystal cave, and an azure sea.” She breathe deeply again, with her eyes closed.

“Now, it is the Pyramids of Egypt. Three. I see three spectacular beings. A male, and two females.” “Starla Xzanadria is pregnant with triplets,” Gregori, the Healer said. “Two males and a female.” “The images I am getting are not child. But celestial beings. Adults. In full glory. She is safe for now. Wait- I see another. Viking. Golden. And enormous, like this one.” She pointed at The Harrier. His is a god. Magnificent. The seer’s eyes took on a peculiar sparkle, as her heartbeat quickened. Voltar growled in displeasure. “Is she still on this earthly plane, woman?” he snapped. “Yes,” she answered, after catching her breath. Josef then spoke up. “I am now getting strong images of Greece, myself. A battle with the undead. I see Africa, the Serengeti.” Voltar thought for a moment, becoming eerily silent. “What other scenes do you see?” he asked no one in particular.

“The Amazon Rain Forest,” the seer said. “Jaguar. Three. The Power of Three,” she spoke incoherently, in her entranced state. “Two others travel with her. Male and female. Extraordinary. They are about to travel again. I am sensing restlessness, and repressed sadness. A broken heart.” Everyone was quiet now. “By the next moon, the trio will be moving northward.” A revelation hit Voltar, as he was exuberant. “Xzanadria is following a previous path. One she took when eluding me years ago.” he quietly exclaimed. “She hit Argentina, and then Brazil, where they are now. By my estimations, her next destination will be North America to the Canadian Mountains. I will head her off.” “I will follow,” Josef stated, feeling strangely compelled to go.

“My lifemate and I will accompany the two of you,” Lucian declared. As both he and Jaxon had a home in San Francisco, which was where she had grown up and worked as a cop. Darius and Tempest will also travel with us to meet back up with their band in America, the Dark Troubadours.” The seer spoke up again. “The children are restless. They are yet small, but will come early.” Everyone basically gasped in unison. “They are fine.” she added. “All will be well again, once the wrong is made right. Keep the faith.” Then the seer took Josef’s hand and said, “She is own the way.” He was under the impression, she meant his Xzanadria.

When the traveling trio had reached Belize, from the Amazon Forest of Brazil, Starla got the urge to alter their destination again. Over the past week, she had been getting a strong sense that her children were going to make their entrance into the world a bit early. In less than a week, she would have been gone from Voltar for six whole months. When she had left then, she had been in the mid-stages of her first trimester of pregnancy. Now she was midway through her third, and winter was fast approaching. “What is it, Starr?” Roberto asked in concern. “You’re growing restless, and it has been eating at me. Que’ paso, mijita?” “It is time for me to return, Rob. I feel it.” “Are the little ones okay?” I can check for you if you’d like.” “Yeah, they’re fine, just restless as well. I’m afraid, they’re gonna come early. The healers there will help me deliver them. This will be my first, as you know. And most likely, my last,” she nervously laughed.

“We will follow,” Demetra said. “Where you go, Xzan, we will follow. Whatever consequence, we will be there to pay it with you, as the Power of Three.” “We are family now. Bonded together by spirit and blood,” Roberto affirmed. “We will not be separated.” Feeling overwhelmingly loved and full of gratitude and pride, Starla sighed. “Well… to the Carpathian Mountains we go.” “Look out Romania, here we come!” Roberto added, with a dashing grin. And they were off in the form of mist, across the seas and ocean great. The three of them had been inseparable over the past six months, and on numerous adventures together, creating a lifetime of wonderful memories, while learning new skills, and growing in a powerful love for each other.

They always slept in the earth together, huddled up for safety measures, and to help ground one another in their various needs across the continents. The trio ran wild in the forests as panthers or other jungle cats as they hunted for baser prey, and feed off one another when human prey was unavailable. Starla had even found time to finish her long neglected book, while Demetra decided to resume her painting commissions, and had them shipped directly to her clients from around the world. Roberto started designing sketches for his new clothing line, while using both Starla and Demetra has his models. He fashioned them outfits daily, as they had totally surrendered to his expertise in this area, deciding not to argue with his creative vision.

Strangely, Roberto had begun to renew his interest in the fairer sex, largely due to his Carpathian nature now. As more females had become his prey of choice. His reasoning was, their blood tasted sweeter, which appeased his angel-spirit. The women were drawn to him in numbers. Even, straight men found him oddly appealing, due to his natural compulsion. But he had yet to take blood from them. At one time, early in their travels, Starla had awakened beneath the earth to find Roberto’s lips nestled against her neck in his sleep, with his hand cupping her full breast. She had even entered his mind, and found that he was not even aware of it. Starla carefully removed his hand, and moved away from him, as not to disturb his sleep.

At that instant, Demetra curled into Roberto, and he lovingly embraced her as well. Both stayed like that until awareness came, and then they arose together as if nothing strange had happened. Starla never mentioned this odd occurrence to either of them. Since neither Roberto or Demetra had free access to her mind, as she had to theirs, they never knew what she was thinking in private. She just started to secretly observe Roberto more, as he changed daily. Both Demetra and Roberto were senior to Starla in age, but she had mothered them, in a sense, in their respective conversions, and had more hidden abilities than either of them did. Demetra had been a mere fledgling in her Jaguar species, at only forty eight years old. She was slightly shorter than Starla, but just as fit, body-wise. Both women were strikingly beautiful in their own rite.

Roberto was in hog heaven with his two hermanitas (little sisters), as he referred to them, while fashionably creating fine apparel for his two muses. Some, he had learned to fashion the Carpathian way, and they looked great in their custom pieces. He, himself, was fashionable enough to belong on a high fashion runway. Yes, the trio was fit, fine and fabulous in every way. Starla, even so, in her advanced pregnancy stage. For she fairly glowed in abundant health, naturally. The crew of three, radiated with love and beauty as they would sing whimsical songs together, tell stories of their previous travels, and reminiscence over their past lives, while sharing the memories in their minds, sealing their bond.

Charter 17

2006 (Late Fall) São Paulo, Brazil

When the group of traveling Carpathians had arrived in Brazil, at the very cave in the Rain Forest that had housed the elusive trio, Voltar keenly felt Starla’s presence there. He inhaled deeply, her scent, still permeating the air, along with the two others. He relished the feeling for a moment, and then said, “She was here only days ago.” It was at that moment, the path to Starla’s mind opened to him, after six long, miserable months. It hit Voltar like a blinding light, and Josef’s as well. Both men stood ramrod still. “They have switched course,” the friar said. “She is headed back to the Carpathian Mountains, from Belize. “We can head them off if we leave now,” Voltar said in high anticipation. But it was not to be.

Starla Xzanadria, Roberto and Demetra arrived at the Carpathian Mountains just before dusk. Every Carpathian there, had sensed the trio’s arrival, as the colors were restored to those lacking them before, and they immediately arose to meet them. Prince Mikhail and Raven, along with Gregori and Savannah, Jaques and Dr. Shea, and Falcon and Sara, stood outside the prince’s home, and watched as the ethereal trio approached in the far distance, from a hill, practically floating toward them, hand in hand, with Starla in the center. Their beauty, even from that far away, was astounding. Roberto’s jet black hair was flowing backwards in the breeze, as both Starla and Demetra’s bountiful manes moved with the wind in unison.

The two women wore full length, matching velvet gowns with long, regal capes, corded with sparkling ropes around their waists. Starla’s was royal purple with gold trimmed adornments, and Demetra’s was royal blue, trimmed in copper, with Roberto attired in a custom black suit with a silver, silk shirt, opened to show his impressively muscular chest. The trio had on black leather, ankle dress boots. An almost translucent glow surrounded the three of them. The Carpathians stood in silent awe, practically gasping at the celestial trio approaching them. Francesca exclaimed, “Mio Dio, is that supposed to be the very gay, frilly idiot, that Voltar spoke of?” Both she and Gabriel had just arrived, following the atmospheric disturbance.

Looking much closer now, her lifemate replied, “I do not believe he is so very gay and frilly anymore. Idiot, I am not sure.” Gregori concurred. But Savannah only grinned. “For the love of God,” Raven asked, in amazement, “What has she done? Voltar will be furious.” At the reference of said name, he appeared, followed by Josef and the others, who inscrutably stared at the celestial trio, who had suddenly stopped their approach, several yards away, simultaneously, from the gathered group.

Starla, Roberto and Demetra stood hand in hand, stark still, and did not take another step. It seemed as if time had stood still for a moment. Someone let out an audible breathe, and Voltar stealthily made his way toward the trio. His steel eyes were intense and swirling with fire, but the expression on his face remained unreadable. When he was within mere steps of reaching them, sensing imminent danger, and Starla’s increased heart rate, both Roberto and Demetra simultaneously step in front of her. Collective gasps were heard in the distance, and Voltar’s eyes glinted in menace. But Starla smoothly stepped forward between her two would be protectors.

She faced her lifemate/husband, head on. Voltar had performed a quick scan of the female and Roberto on his approach. The two were indeed different, Carpathian, yet not entirely. They were now the same as Starla Xzanadria. She had obviously converted the both of them. Yes, his lifemate had been a busy little bee. Infernal rage simmered beneath his cool surface. They had fed from one another many times, and had rested beneath the earth together, the three of them. It was visible in each of their minds as Voltar scanned them. Roberto had blatantly let him, and he knew it. The woman had not even attempted to block her mind, either. Nor had Xzanadria. This was a very bold stance that did not go unnoticed by either soul in the vicinity.

Voltar knew that male fool did not dare to have the audacity to challenge him where Xzanadria was concerned. And there was something else revealed to Voltar within Roberto, but it would require further study at a later time. As for now, his lifemate/wife needed to be dealt with first, and foremost. He quickly looked her over. Her pregnancy was very visible now, but he had expected her to be much larger than what she was, carrying triplets at this late stage. Votlar’s heart was beating faster than normal, as he beheld his beloved Starla Xzanadria, face to face again, at long last. She was radiant. More beautiful than ever. And he had missed the hell out of her.

Josef, meanwhile, was in a state of utter shock, as he quietly stared at the divine beauty standing next to his cistri, on her left. His heart was keeping rhythm right along with Voltar’s. He had found his lifemate. Or rather, his wonderful, Xzanadria, had brought her right to him. “Hello, Voltar,” Starla greeted softly, in her musical voice. He only took her firmly by the upper arm, and shimmered away, leaving behind both Roberto and Demetra. They instantly stepped next to each other in unison, filling in the space that Starla’s abrupt absence had left, as the other Carpathians approached them, surrounding them.

Mikhail spoke first. “You are Roberto Caronado, Xzanadria’s friend, are you not?” “We are family,” he replied. “I am Mikhail Dubrinsky, prince of the Carpathian species. And you are?” he directed at the female standing very close to Roberto. “Demetra. Formerly of the Jaguar species,” she answered with equal calm. “Welcome, Roberto and Demetra. This is my lifemate, Raven,” Mikhail said, as the raven-haired beauty with violet eyes, stepped forward. “You will be our guests,” the prince said, with what was really a mandate. The others stepped up afterwards, and introduced themselves.

Then Josef approached Demetra. He towered her. Pinning the suddenly wary woman’s hazel brown, sparkling eyes, to his soulfully dark ones, he reached for her hand. She placed it into his as he lifted the smooth, elegant hand to his lips, and softly kissed it. Electricity shot between the two of them. “I am Josef,” he said in a low, husky tone of voice. Definitely seductive. Demetra quickly jerked her hand back, away from his, suddenly shutting down his mental push into her mind, while inching even closer to Roberto, who in turn, held her tighter, and more protectively next to him. Then he cast a warning look at the dark, Carpathian giant.

All of a sudden a predatory look came to the former friar’s penetrating eyes, as they held in a silent challenge to Roberto’s unrelenting stare. The other Carpathian’s instantly sensed the sudden tension in the air, and moved next to Josef. Lucian and Gabriel, the Dubrinsky legendary hunter twins, placed a hand each on the larger man’s shoulders, and politely urged him on, as the group led the two guests into the prince’s home.

At the cave in the forest, Voltar faced Starla in a long regard, as they stood in the center of it. She folded her arms, resting on her protruding midsection, and tilted her head to one side, as she looked up at him. “Well,” she said, “Here I am. I heard that you were reeking havoc across the continents searching for me. Why?” When I distinctly recall warning you of what would happen if you betrayed me. You betrayed me, Voltar.” The hurt was tangible in her, still, he realized. “It utterly broke my heart.” He remained silent, while staring back at her, unsure of what to do, or say next. God, she was so beautiful. Ethereal, the most wonderful creature in the Universe to him, and she was advanced in pregnancy with his children.

Yes, he had been infuriated with her for so long, and had missed her terribly. She had made sure he suffered a perpetual hell with her absence. But right now, all he wanted to do was to hold his lifemate in his arms, and love on her. “I had no other choice, Xzanadria.” “Ah, but you did,” she rebuttalled. “You just chose to impose your will over mine, instead, without being open to compromise. And to make matters far worse, you conspired against me with the other males, even enlisting, Josef. I felt gang raped… of my powers. No one was on my side. Now that hurt. No, it devastated me, completely. I wanted to make all of you pay for it. And the only recompense I could think of, was to leave, sever all communication, and stay away until I was ready to return. Six months, for six offenders, is sufficient recompense for me, for what you did, and why you did it.”

Not knowing what to say, Voltar remained mute. “Do you accept me back? Or do I collect Rob and Demi, and leave?” she asked with an uplifted brow. “If you try it, I will murder both him, and the woman.” Voltar replied in a matter-of-fact tone of voice. “Ya see, that what I’m talking about. There you go again. I’m thinking you’re never gonna change with that ‘He-man’ attitude. It was why I left in the first place. But I honestly think Josef will have a problem with you murdering the woman. And I will have a serious problem with you killing Rob. If you do, you kill me too. We are irrevocably bound to one another now. But I am sure you know that already,” Starla explained. “Both Rob and Demi are family now. And family sticks together, support and protect one another. I converted them to save their lives, and I am not sorry. Anyhow, ask Josef, why it will matter to him about Demetra.”

“I only care about what happens to you, Xzanadria, and our children. You are close to giving birth. Though it is still early.” “That is one of the reason I returned at this time. I would not rob you of the experience. And…” she hesitated. “I had reached the limitations of my endurance without you. Even in my hurt and anger, I missed you, desperately missed you, Voltar.” At that heartfelt confession, he was lifting her into his great arms and carrying her to the nearby, lavishly made, bed. One wave of his hand, and the candles filled the cave, instantly making it cozy, and the floors were filled with lush animal pelts. He carefully laid Starla down on the bed before joining her.

Looking down into his lifemate/wife’s dreamy eyes, his heart melted. He raised her up to him, and just held her tightly, with his head buried in the groove of her neck for a long while, inhaling her sweet redolence. God, how he had missed her, everything about her. She was his world, his Universe. Then he cupped her face reverently, before bringing his mouth down to taste hers. The kiss was tender at first, and then it turned passionate, and hungry, then hot and ravenous. “I want to make love to you, wife. I need to make love to you now. I will be gentle,” he whispered. “I want you too, husband. It is why I’ve come home, to you. Because home to me, now, is wherever you are, my love. Love me tender, and hold me tight, all night.” Voltar emitted a heartfelt growl, and did just that with pure reverence.

Charter 18

2006 (Late Fall) The Carpathian Mountains, Romania

Back at the prince’s home, the gathered Carpathians sat in the meeting area, as they engaged in conversation with Roberto and Demetra. The twosome were sitting erect on a settee, very close to one another, making sure their bodies were in constant contact, as they answered questions, monosyllabic, at best. Josef stood in a far corner, silently regarding Demetra, with a darkly fierce possession. Her eyes darted back and forth, like a small animal, sensing a predator nearby, eying her as prey. She was extremely uncomfortable here. But both she and Roberto anxiously awaited Starla’s return. “I would not expect to see Xzanadria, until at least this time tomorrow,” Mikhail knowingly stated.

“Both she and her lifemate have some serious reconnecting to do, and pressing issues to resolve. I have two guest chambers available for your use. You will stay here for the time being.” It was not really an offer, but rather a royal command. “Our profound thanks. But we will seek our own resting place,” Roberto countered. “I insist,” was Mikhail’s firm response. From the prince’s dark resolve, in his black eyes, Roberto knew, instinctively, not to challenge him, as per protocol, as well. “As you wish. Thank you,” he said. Demetra then spoke up. “Would you please show us to our chamber, as we are exhausted from our journey?” Raven immediately rose, apologizing for not realizing her guests’ needs earlier. She made to lead the much taller woman to her separate chamber. But Demetra casually pulled back, clinging to Roberto’s arm. “We will not be separated,” she stated firmly.

Everyone got quiet, after having observed Josef’s unusually possessive interest in the woman since first meeting her. Roberto nodded in agreement. They waited. No one spoke. Then Raven cast a glance at her lifemate, before leading their reluctant guests to a single chamber. Josef emitted a low growl, and shimmered out of the room. He was clearly displeased with Roberto’s and Demetra’s sleeping arrangements. Once inside, the guest chamber, the two spoke to each other telepathically on their own private path. “We need to feed,” Roberto said. “I know. But I won’t without Xzan. What do you think that terrifying giant of hers will do to her, Rob?” Demetra asked in deep concern. “Love the hell out of her tonight. And then, who knows after that,” was his candid reply.

“Are you jealous, Rob?” “No. Why should I be? Starr is like my younger sister. Always been so, since we first met at that cyber cafe’ in The Palm Beaches, more than four years ago,” was his prompt reply. “Si, but that was before your ‘conversion’. You are different now. Much different. I see it in your thoughts, and how you look at her. But you’ve blocked the rest of it from me, maybe even from yourself too. I can only guess,” Demetra hesitated before continuing. “I know you have special feelings for her. We both do. And you love me too. But I’m thinking, your feelings for Starla Xzanadria, have somehow, crossed the line. Do not even contemplate chasing rainbows, and challenging that fiercesome man of hers, Rob, or doing anything unwise, regarding Xzan,” she warned. “If you disregard what I am telling you now, I fear you will regret it. We all will. She loves that man, as much as he loves her. That is why she truly returned... to him. Don’t you see it? It is there, plain for all to see it.”

“And what do you think about that giant, friar, who is obviously thinking inappropriate thought about you?” Roberto countered. “He was eating you alive with his eyes, in there earlier, Demi. He means to ‘claim’ you.” “Shoosh. Not if I can help it. These overbearing Carpathian males seem far too intense for me. I’ve manage to avoid those of that ilk for years now. No pun intended to you, Rob, being as now that you’re one of them too.” She even managed to laughed. “But case in point, look at Voltar and Xzan. He was so overbearing, and intense with her, that she fled from him for a second time, after having done so for all those years, sensing his threat to her freedom, even as a mere child then. I could not imagine enduring what she did, for so long. Though I had my issues too, but nothing like that. It was so bad that even while mated and pregnant, she fled from him for six months to get some freedom.”

“She fled because of me, Demi,” Roberto said, quietly. “Those creatures were out to kill me, as they did, my sweet Humberto, who is highly likely one of them now. And those ruthless Carpathian males in there, were after me as well, likely to dispose of me too, thinking that I would bring harm to Starr, and to their doorsteps. They were not going to ‘help’ me. And she knew it. So mi hermanita, sacrificed herself, despite tremendous opposition, to save my life, and protect me in defiance of Voltar and his people. So I will always have her back, as I owe her my life.” “They are our people aka species too, now, Rob,” Demetra teased, to lighten the mood. “I beg to differ,” he challenged. “You, me and Starr, are a species unto ourselves. We are muchdifferent from them, with far greater abilities.” “Rob stop thinking like that. You are looking for reasons to despise them. That is not fair. They only sought to protect Xzan, and their race. Now you are not considered a threat.”

“That is not entirely true. The males turn human females who have psychic or other special abilities, hoping to find a lifemate. But they are territorial when it comes to other males, and that is just down right selfish. What about the Carpathian females who have no lifemates? Are they just to walk into the sun and die with no mate, after a while?” was his impassioned view. “I see your point, Rob. Just be a little more tolerant, and give them a chance. You know all about intolerance, and how it makes one feel, being different. Unconditional love and acceptance, remember?” Then she point blank asked, “Are you still gay, Rob?” He was instantly silent for a moment, before replying, “I am what I am. But since the conversion, I have only been craving special attention, and blood from the females.” “Do you get those urges for me, or Xzan?” she asked, curiously. “I will not answer that,” he snapped, losing patience with Demetra and the telepathic conversation.

I was certainly attracted to you, Robbie, when you and Xzan rescued me from the vampires that night. I still am, somewhat, but strangely, it has become more brotherly.” “You are terribly attracted to that big, hulking, brooding friar, who has been stalking your every move since we first arrived. I aught to leave you to him tonight, by going to the other guest chamber,” Roberto teased. “I hunger, Rob. The ‘Jaguar’ is calling out to me,” Demetra quietly said. “Let’s go hunt.” My hunger is eating at me too. Vamos, cariña. Let’s blow this place for a while. I have a feeling that Starr will be just fine.” The two of them caught hands and shimmered into mist, disappearing into the night.

Deep into the forest of the Carpathian Mountains, two sleek, black Jaguars raced side by side, seeking prey. All at once, they spotted a large moose in the distance. The unison attack, precisely coordinated, was instantaneous. The male and female jungle cats leapt with lethal accuracy as they swiftly took down the almost two thousand pound moose. They feasted ravenously. Unbeknownst to them, Josef had been watching on in the distance, as the cats were near his resting place. He had instantly felt their presences when they entered the forest. Curiosity had gotten the better of him, and he followed the two jungle cats, inconspicuously, knowing exactly who they were.

Thoroughly fascinated now, Josef continued to silently watch on as Demetra and Roberto changed back into their own forms, then took hands, and gracefully strolled the dark forest in silence. The spoke telepathically to one another, he knew, but was not privy to their conversation. Still his discerning eyes followed them. Aware that they were being watched, Roberto and Demetra continued to act as if they were not. “What will you do when he makes his attempts to seduce you, Demi?” Roberto asked in muse. “Notice I said, when, not if.” Secretly amused herself, she replied, “He is welcome to try.” Both of them burst into laughter at that. “Even I know he is uber sexy, despite his pious facade,” Roberto continued.

“I feel the keen, no strike that, fierce attraction percolating between the two of you. You are sizzling hot for that man, despite the fact that the two of you just met. And it is only a matter of time before the jungle cat in you, and the predator in him will combust in to paroxysmal mating. Would you like to find out what will happen should we join in a passionate lover’s embrace at this moment?” Demetra’s musical laughter rang out into the night, unrestrained, as she playfully tapped Roberto on the head. “Dios Mio, Rob. You are incorrigible.” she exclaimed. “Indubitably,” he grinned. “Sssssizzling!” At that, the two did a running leap, and streaked skyward like a comet, headed to the nearby village for a Carpathian feeding.

Their arduous journey, at such breakneck speed, had been draining. They needed complete replenishment, on each plane, Beast, Carpathian and Angel. The Beast in them had been appeased. Next was, the Carpathian feeding, and finally the Angel spirit would need to be assuaged. Dessert, Roberto referred to it as. But it would wait until tomorrow. Outside the tavern, in the village, the dashing male stranger approached two females exiting the building, who looked to be in their mid twenties. They both looked up at him in absolute glee, as he spoke to them briefly in his angelic voice. Then he placed both his heavily muscular arms, around each of their shoulders, and the threesome leisurely strolled around the dark corner.

Looking on with a mischievous smirk, Demetra spotted a single male in the distance, leaning against the building eying her with a smile. She began her approach, in a slow, sexy saunter, her hips swaying from side to side, mesmerizing him. A sensuous smile graced her exotically beautiful face, as she focused solely on her human prey. The man straightened up immediately, and began to meet her in a star struck daze. But just as Demetra reached out her hand to bring him into her embrace, the larger than life, Carpathian male who had been stalking her, intercepted her from behind. She had been so focused on her human prey, she had not even detected another presence nearby.

Gathering the startled woman, possessively into his powerful arms, Josef cast the man a warning glance to back off, which he did. Then the friar whispered down to her neck. “I will provide what you need.” Before Demetra had a chance to collect her faculties, and respond, he led her away, into the night. Once they were out of sight, the twosome disappeared, and reappeared inside of Josef’s hidden cave, deep in the heart of the forest. Inside the cave, was fashioned into a romantic oasis, with a rather large bed gracing the center of it. Both trepidation and amusement shot through Demetra, as Roberto’s prophetic words flooded her mind. Standing next to the bed, Josef kept Demetra locked in his dark embrace.

She slowly turned to look up at him, and found searing heat in his obsidian eyes. “Take what I freely offer, Demetra,” he said in a compellingly beautiful voice. Because of his imposing height, with her only coming to the friar’s mid chest, they both sat down on the bed. Demetra folded into Josef’s arms, nestling her face into the groove of his neck, as she inhaled his woodsy redolence. It was powerfully stimulating. She parted her lips, taking her tongue, and sensuously licked the area above his rapidly pumping pulse. There was a violent tremble beneath his surface. Her fangs elongated. One more lick, and then she sank deep into his flesh.

A groan of sheer pleasure rocked Josef to the core, as his battled to keep he fangs at bay. The purely erotic fluid, rich and powerful, infused Demetra, like an intoxicant, making her lose all reasoning. When she had taken enough blood, and returned to awareness, Demetra found herself naked, and lying beneath an equally naked Carpathian god. His eyes were now completely unnatural, and his fangs were elongated. Then he was pressing himself inside of her womanly heat. Sky rockets went off between the two of them, catapulting them into orbit. “Sizzling,” was her only rational thought. Josef sank his fangs into Demetra’s breast, directly above her heart, and he drank with relish from her lifeforce. It was heavenly. Then Demetra realized what was happening, as Josef started reciting some ancient, binding words about a lifemate in an unfamiliar tongue.

She felt the melding of their spirits, bodies and souls. Panicked and bucking wildly, she desperately tried to throw him off of her. But he held her down, tight, and completed the mating ritual. Then with an exultant grin, he said, “You are my lifemate, Demetra, irrevocably bound to me for all time. As I am to you. I take you into my care. I can do no other.” Then he added the shocker, “I have given you my child, this night.” In stunned disbelief, she fainted for the first time in her life.

The following afternoon, Starla and Voltar shimmered onto the prince’s patio, where Roberto and Demetra sat at a table in eery silence. Their sole focus was on the extra large, honey soaked danish, that they shared. Josef stood a few paces away from Demetra, with his large arms folded across his broad chest, and a self-satisfied smirk on his ultra handsome face. He had been stuck to Demetra, like glue, from the moment they arose in the cave, not leaving her presence for one moment. Even though, he knew that she and Roberto spoke telepathically. Yet Josef, felt secure, since he had claimed her as his lifemate and had impregnated her that previous night.

One look at her friar, and then at Demetra, Starla instantly knew. So did Voltar. Taking her sister’s feelings, on the matter into consideration, she valiantly withheld her amusement. Voltar’s expression remained inscrutable, but she clearly detected his hidden gratification. Even Roberto, inwardly battled mirthful restraint. Which was why he was so silent, and avidly focused on his treat. Then Demetra looked up into Starla’s twinkling eyes, as she made her way toward her. But then she swallowed very hard, and her mouth twitched on the way. Demetra leapt up from the table in one agile motion, heading toward the exit, with Josef hot on her tail. An eruption of hearty laughter rang out from Roberto, so much so, that he fell over backwards in his chair, howling, as he softly landed on the ground.

Starla erupted as well, while giving chase to the highly irritated woman. “Wait, wait, Demi!” she choked out. “I’m sorry. We’re sorry. Aren’t we, Rob?” He was still howling in laughter, and couldn’t respond. Demetra hesitated as Starla caught up with her. Turning around, the incensed woman, to face her, she choked out, “It will not be so bad, sweetie. Even I am getting used to it.” Demetra looked wounded, as she said, “Xzan, you knew. You knew all along. Since my conversion, you knew. I know you saw something then, but you kept silent. I saw the discernment in your eyes at the time, but did not know what it was that you saw. I figured you would tell me in time. I never would have imagined this. Nor would I have accepted it.”

“Why put you through all that unnecessary fear, when it was written in the stars?” Starla stated. I am learning as I grow, that everything works together for the good, if you believe it. Give it time, Dem. Josef is not nearly as overbearing as Voltar is. And he is fun. He raised me, and taught me much of what I know, like I’ve shared with you before. But both of them are very honorable men, despite everything else. Both mega men were standing in the background looking full of themselves, while letting the trio work out this issue amongst themselves. Though they both knew the outcome would remain the same. “Starla, you fled from that terrifying giant of yours, twice. Now you mean to tell me to get used to it, in so many words?” “But I did return to him, didn’t I? Further, we’re working it out now. He’s being remarkably understanding, right Voltar?” she asked, looking back over her shoulder at him. Not wanting to get involved, he merely flashed his lifemate a devastatingly handsome smile.

“Well, at least he didn’t take his deadly scimitar to my throat this time. Demetra’s eyes widened at that thought. Roberto sobered up, and resumed eating his danish, nonchalantly. Starla laughed. “Did Josef do anything like that to you?” Demetra then cast him a fierce frown, and said, “Oh, he only offered to let me feed from him, after he’d rudely frightened off my prey. I had no other choice but to accept his offer, as hungry as I was. The next thing I knew, we were in his cave in the woods doing the wild thing, beast-style, and then he’s chanting some weird, mambo-jumbo stuff in another tongue to me, talking about a lifemate, binding us together forever, scaring the hell out me.” Starla raised her brows.

“That insufferable man declared to me that he had given me his child. He impregnated me, Xzan. Without my consent. And on our very first encounter. Then he held me captive, in his cave, until this rising. And Rob has been teasing me, mercilessly, because he had warned me about Josef’s intent last night, minutes before it happened.” There was genuine hurt in Demetra’s eyes, and voice now. Starla took her sister into her arms, and hugged her reassuringly, while casting a reproving look at Josef. Voltar did the same, after vividly recalling when the friar had chastised him, only months ago, for doing practically the same thing to Xzanadria.

“It will be alright, Dem. Don’t be sad. That was very wrong of him, to do it that way. But look on the bright side. We are both going to be mothers together now, and you will have your own special little family, in addition to the one we now have. The children will grow up together. Next, Rob will be knocking someone up with all that dominant Carpathian blood now flowing through his system, in addition to the angel-warrior-spirit. His gayness is gone now, whether he will admit to it or not. It left with the conversion. He’s just afraid to admit it. So don’t mind his teasing you, as he is only jealous that he will have to share our love, as we both have lifemates now, while he’s feeling left out, and confused. It was the same for me a while ago, when I first found out that Josef had a lifemate somewhere out there awaiting him. You Dem.”

Everyone was quiet now, as Starla spoke these truths. “But now that I know you, I love you, and so does Rob, no matter how much he is teasing you. It’s just his nature, sweetie. Each of us have confused our love at one point, like I had for Josef for all those years, you for Rob, and now him for me, in a whole other way. There is some one special for him, out there, and we will find his lifemate too, eventually.” Roberto frowned at his two sisters speaking so candidly about him, in front of the others. He casually got up from the table, and shimmered away, without a word. Voltar and Josef looked to one another, in definite amusement, without commenting. At this moment, Mikhail and Raven came onto the scene, with Gregori and Savannah following. “Starla, his feeling are hurt,” Raven said, sympathetically. Why don’t you go after him, and offer him some reassurance. It is difficult enough on Roberto, knowing that the two of you have found your lifemates, while he is yet coming to terms with his individuality. He is feeling alone and lost now.”…..

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