A look at the role of women at workplace

Women’s Day is round the corner. No one can deny the important roles played by women in our lives. ONE Co.Work has brought to you overview of role of women at workplace in particular.

You think there is a particular type of personality traits and leadership skills that a woman needs to climb to the top of the corporate ladder or run her own company as a successfully? The question is do women inherently possess leadership styles that, give them an edge over men in today’s business world?

Today’s work style is much more conducive to women’s style of leadership. People now look for empathetic leaders. We feel a need for more employee engagement, empowerment and consensus building. The perspective about what a leader should behave like has broadened. Changes in the work environment and a focus on the “knowledge economy,” which produces ideas and innovation, have led to this shift in attitudes toward women advancing in work areas. It is a passé that women who advanced in their careers were more masculine and authoritarian in their leadership ways. They no more have to act like a man to get the job.

Do Women Lead Differently from Men?

The way women lead and manage is a contributing factor to why we are seeing more women go closer to the C-suite level. Employees are no more seen as chattel and it has been realised that talent is scarce and has to be nurtured. Women are found to be much better at team building and nurturing. Ironically, that doesn’t come from sports or other outdoor activities; it comes from mothering and leading a family. Women tend to make most of the decisions in the family, and they learn to get to consensus among all the kids and the spouse. There is noticed to be a big difference between men’s and women’s management styles. Women are surreptitious in their power, whereas men totally telegraph theirs, they might telegraph it even when they have none. Women tend to rely on their intuition. Women have comparatively more modest goals, which means they fail less often and do not often swing for the fences. The willingness to collaborate is more in women, and that’s what provides them the edge. Men at work are now beginning to realize they have to deal with women, so they are beginning to emulate the management styles and ways at the workplace. In a few more generations, after more of them become house husbands, they could be better managers and leaders too.

Collaboration and nurturing are two essential traits for anyone who aspires for success, male or female. An organisation has to bring on people who want to help in overall growth and if you don’t nurture them, they won’t stay — it is that simple.

The gender barriers continue to fade away, more women are graduating from college and there’s more talent out there to look forward to. Organisations have more options to choose from. The need is to stop looking at gender at all. One needs to overlook the gender or any other preference to extract the best talent. More talent should be the only criteria.