Meet the people behind OneLedger

Every start-up just like every company began with a flick of a switch idea. The idea then quickly grows from just a small flame to a raging unstoppable fire with a burning need to exist.

To live, however, the idea requires the unfettered buy-in of those willing to commit more than their words. It demands people believe so much in the idea that they would be willing to leave their sometimes secured jobs and careers, to embark on an unknown journey. These people take this risk because they know that regardless of any bumps encountered, success is most certainly within reach.

This level of commitment is how teams are built, successful start-ups are created, and companies are made.

For David Cao, that light bulb moment gave birth to OneLedger. A universal blockchain protocol enabling cross-ledger access through business modularization. In other words, a blockchain of blockchains facilitated through a user-intuitive API that enables the cross-communication of on-chain and off-chain ledgers of blockchain and non-blockchain businesses.

Today, OneLedger is rapidly gaining recognition in the blockchain space….

However, the people who before anyone else understood David Cao’s vision; the people who, for some, left perfectly stable careers to work the long hours of a start-up life; those who tirelessly strived to make that idea a reality, are the team of OneLedger.

This is a group of people as talented as diverse in background, experience, skillset and technical expertise, with understanding & experience in Blockchain.

Meet the team of OneLedger:

David Cao, CEO & Founder: In addition to his extensive technical experience, David has worked as a technical advisor and enterprise architect for multiple blockchain projects such as DRC, ITSChain, Ti_Value and has worked on Hyperledger Community Research Projects. He also worked at IBM Toronto Lab on the development of DB2 and WebSphere Commerce core engine. As a specialist in supply chain, payments, e-commerce, and as an experienced J2EE enterprise architect, David has helped large enterprises grow exponentially, including Home Depot, Sears, and Toshiba. He has given Blockchain speeches at York University on Hyperledger permission blockchain, and the Integration of AI onto the OneLedger Blockchain platform. He has also served as a judge for Blockchain focused Hackatons one of which was at the Georgian College. David is an active member in both the Hyperledger and blockchain community.

Alex Todd, CTA: Alex is a pioneer in the fintech and entrepreneurial space of the industry. He is the former CTO of PRESTO where he led the creation of innovative industry engagement programs in support of a 10-year business model roadmap contributing to an estimated value of $200M+ over five years. Alex has spent his career exploring business opportunities in the emerging and disruptive technologies space, and is currently launching a social enterprise that uses blockchain technology to help 5 billion working-age people prosper by making financial resources more accessible. Currently, he is the Founder and CEO of Trust 2 Pay, a blockchain platform enabling social credits.

Stephen Li, Blockchain Senior Developer: Stephen is a senior software developer and a subject-matter expert in distributed application innovation. He delivered on sizable projects working as a senior consultant for large projects including Morgan Stanley and Deutsche Bank, and also worked for IBM and Microsoft. Prior to joining OneLedger full-time, Stephen worked as an independent Blockchain consultant. He has become an expert in Solidity smart contract development on Ethereum, and is a blockchain network developer using Go as his preferred language for programming. Stephen has a deep understanding of both frontend and backend systems through development and architecture, and has an interest in the application of high-performance computing.

Alex Lan, Blockchain Developer: Alex is a data science expert. He became exceptionally passionate about Blockchain technology after he realized that it can potentially disrupt every industry. He then went on to gain extensive experience in blockchain protocol and consensus algorithm development. He holds a patent in Fault-Tolerant research which is the foundation of consensus in Blockchain. He has experience with Bitcoin hard fork and mining pools projects. Prior to entering the Blockchain arena, he worked as a former Business Intelligence Engineer for Amazon developing inventory algorithms. He also worked on a Big Data platform for Mindgeeks. He holds a masters degree in Computer Science with an emphasis on machine learning and big data application.

Lester Li, Blockchain Developer: Lester Li is a Full Stack Engineer who has been involved in the technology space for more than 10 years. Early in his career, he developed security network layers and managed end-to-end encryption mechanisms. He then ventured into telecom networks building high-performance customized product systems. He is a former Nokia senior engineer where he participated in information security, cloud computing and other innovative projects. He has experience in Graphene technology based Blockchain projects. Graphene-based blockchain can process up to 100,000 transactions per second and 1 block every 3 seconds. Lester also has experience working on Ethereum JSON-RPC interface and smart contract development. He currently holds a patent in Fault-Tolerant Research which is the foundation of consensus mechanisms in Blockchain. He is an open source community contributor and blockchain enthusiast.

Edwin Zhang, Managing Director: Edwin is a veteran in the blockchain start-up and crypto investment space. A former Software Engineering Lead spearheading blockchain-related R&D for TribalScale, an innovation firm specializing in emerging technologies. He successfully managed an increasingly growing technology team to build iOS, tvOS apps, Alexa Skills and Google Home agents from the ground up. He has a vast technical background as both a blockchain developer, with Solidity and Ethereum smart contract development experience, and software developer. He brings to the table extensive experience in leadership, product management and client relations management. He was an early cryptocurrency investor backed by a solid technical foundation, and a wide global reach within the cryptocurrency community.

Othalia Doe-Bruce, Public Relations Officer: Recently appeared in the Globe & Mail and Coinsquare as one of the Women in Blockchain helping disrupt the gender imbalance status quo in the industry. She worked for global Asset management firms before discovering a passion for Blockchain. She educated herself on the technology by earning a Certificate in Ethereum Blockchain Development. She then helped educate and build a community of enthusiast Blockchainers at the BlockchainHub a rapidly expanding non-profit organization, affiliated with York University, and focusing on education, research, and Blockchain start-up commercialization. In her spare time, she advises, mentors and consults for Blockchain startups.

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