KYC Retrospective

A Big Thank You

First off, the OneLedger team would like to thank their supporters for their unwavering support throughout this KYC process. Each individual’s KYC result will be updated within a week from today and more updates pertaining to the public sale will be published within a month. Please stay tuned to the Official Telegram Announcement Channel for more information.

What Happened

We are happy to announce that our KYC was a resounding success. We were able to queue over 25,000 prospective token holders from the community and received around 12,000 KYC successful submissions before we closed the queue.

We thank everyone for participating and hope that even if they didn’t get an allocation, people will continue to support us as we build up our technology.

As expected there were a few hiccups. After our first attempt last week was overwhelmed by too much traffic, we quickly learned to add in industrial strength queuing, captchas and a number of other security features. Overall these worked as well as expected and kept most issues to a minimum.

Still, at least one malicious party launched a world-wide DDOS attack at our sites, in an attempt to exploit a nginx bug by burning the server cpu. This resulted in us having to pause at least four times, initially for almost an hour. We were working hard to counteract these attacks and really want to apologize to the community for having the process take so long. We had hoped that the whole process would have been completed in a couple of hours.

As well, there were also the usual masquerading attempts in Telegram and plenty of noises and distractions. We love the community and the attention, but, as always, that comes with its share of difficulties.

Fortunately, despite the delays, everyone was extremely patient and we were able to complete our KYC process. The next step for us is to have people apply to our Ambassador program to set their allocation Tiers, and then afterwards we will finalize the ICO.

Again, we just want to thank everyone for participating, and we are very grateful for all of the attention and good wishes. Stay tuned to our Official Telegram Announcement Channel!