Meet Trevor Koverko, CEO & Co-Founder of Polymath, and Advisor to OneLedger.

Trevor Koverko, CEO & Co-Founder of Polymath, is a prominent Blockchain founder, investor and speaker.

After launching his career at the convergence of Wall Street and Silicon Valley, Trevor became a very early leader in the Blockchain Community.

Blessed with a keen eye for identifying disruptive and promising technologies, Trevor seeded now widely successful projects such as Ethereum, Aion, Quantum, Hive, EOS and Shapeshift.

It was therefore no hazard, that he forsaw in the OneLedger project, the same positive outcome that he had experienced with other Blockchain endeavours.

At OneLedger we are particularly honoured to have Trevor in our team as one of the most sought after advisors, for Blockchain start-ups looking for expert guidance. The support is more so appreciated, as we understand Trevor to be very selective in associating himself with projects.

To the question of why he selected OneLedger, Trevor replied: “The future of Blockchains is one where gaps between Blockchains are removed through technological bridges. That bridge is OneLedger. For Polymath’s users, the synergy that OneLedger will bring to the Blockchain industry could open it up to vast opportunities of system optimization services”

In a recent visit to the Polymath’s office, we picked Trevor’s brain further on his thoughts on the team of OneLedger, and he said: “ I was impressed by David from the beginning…He has a strong background growing big businesses…executing on big visions…That was a major selling point for me.”

Watch the complete video of the interview here:

We are looking forward to continue working closely with Trevor and the Polymath’s team as we build and develop the OneLedger Blockchain platform.

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*About Polymath Network*

Polymath is a platform that opens up the blockchain to legally compliant securities offerings with a network of services designed to lower associated transaction costs over time. It provides a decentralized protocol for trading security tokens. It also enables individuals and institutions to authenticate their identity, residency, and accreditation status to participate in a wide range of security token offerings (STOs). Additionally, it allows legal delegates to bid on new issuances to represent issuers on offerings to be done in a regulatory compliant manner. Finally, it matches issuers with developers who can translate issuers’ Security Offering parameters into secure code that generates ERC20 compatible tokens.