OneLedger Ambassador Program Instructions

What is OneLedger Ambassador Program?

OneLedger would never be here without our beloved community.

Due to the overwhelming interest in participating in the OneLedger Token Sale, our team wants to give our community members a chance to participate and be a part of our journey.

We believe our Ambassador Program will be a fair and transparent Token Distribution to integrate the voice and talents of our community with the hard work and dedication of our team, thus continuing the OneLedger story far and wide.

Determining Your Contributions

We want to use this campaign as an opportunity to reward our true supporters for engaging with the community. Therefore, you can achieve Ambassador status by demonstrating that you have understood the mission and objectives of OneLedger.

The amount of token allocation you will receive will be dependent on your Ambassador score. Quality, Impact, and Exposure will be the main considerations that influence your score.

As our team wants to review the quality, time, effort and originality of all submissions, we will be manually reviewing and vetting all the OneLedger Ambassador Program submissions. We appreciate receiving submissions in any creative form, as long as it is relevant to the OneLedger story.

OneLedger Step-by-step Ambassador Program instructions:

This article will guide our supporters to go through the Ambassador Program submission step by step.

So without further ado, let’s get started!

Step 1: Agreeing with the Token Sale Terms and Conditions

Go to, you should be directed to the Token Sale Terms and Conditions page. PLEASE READ THESE TOKEN SALE TERMS AND CONDITIONS CAREFULLY.


Once done, click on the “I Agree” button at the bottom of the page.

Step 2: Checking the status of your KYC submission

Please input your Ethereum address to check your status of your KYC submission (if you are whitelisted).

Step 3: Selecting your tier if you are whitelisted

If you are able to see this page, congratulations, you have passed the KYC verification and your Ethereum address has been whitelisted. You can select the tier you would wish to apply for:

The tiers starting from the Highest to the Lowest are:

Tier 1 (up to 500 submissions)

Influencer campaigns on social media, ICO Review Sites, etc. and high-quality original content with good outreach via Twitter, Medium,Telegram, Youtube, etc.

Some factors which will influence your score are:

  1. Type of audience
  2. Quality and accuracy of the content
  3. Quality of the video or post
  4. Outreach potential

We would like to see your support for OneLedger by sharing your research, thoughts, and opinions about our project. You can show your support by writing a blog post and posting it on Twitter, Medium, Telegram, etc. We will be rewarding this allocation by the quality and accuracy of your content.

We also believe that social media and the influencer economy have the power to spread the word about our project. We will be rewarding our token allocation to the various influencers (e.g. YouTube and Twitter, Community Group Admins, ICO Review Sites) based on factors such as the type of audience and the quality of the review and discussion.

Tier 2 (up to 2500 submissions)

Content sharing via Twitter, Medium, Telegram, Reddit, etc

Some factors which will influence your score are:

  1. Quality of post
  2. Level of understanding displayed about the project
  3. Outreach

We would like the community to share their insights about OneLedger and generate interest and exposure for our project. This could include discussing OneLedger’s mission to focus building business application through OneLedger modularization tools, which will communicate with OneLedger protocol using its API gateway.

Tier 3 (by default)


You can only select one tier and you can only submit once, re-submission will not be allowed!

Step 4.1: Tier 1 Submission

Filling out your Telegram handler and URL of your original content. You must submit one URL, the other two URLs are optional. You can also leave comments to help prove that you own the original content posted above and that it’s optional. A user who submits malicious URLs or plagiarized content will be removed from the whitelist.

Step 4.2: Tier 2 Submission

Filling out a direct URL to your contribution is preferred, however if you cannot provide the direct URL you can alternatively provide a URL to a screenshot of your contribution (e.g. a Google Drive URL or Dropbox URL). You can also leave comments to help prove that you own the original content posted above and it’s optional. A user who submits malicious URLs or plagiarized content will be removed from the whitelist.

Step 4.3: Tier 3 Submission

Everyone by default is placed into Tier 3. You can easily apply for Tier 2 for a higher contribution limit as it only requires a simple reach-out through social media.

Step 5: Success Confirmation Page

A success screen should be shown with your Ethereum Address and your requested tier.

What to do next?

Wait patiently for the Ambassador Program process to be completed. We will publish an announcement and you will be able to check your Ambassador Program approval status through the link provided. If you are not selected for your requested tier, you will be pushed to tiers with lower allocations. Please note that each whitelisted Ethereum address is guaranteed with at least Tier 3 allocation.

The deadline for Ambassador Program submissions is 11:59 pm June 7 EST.