Telegram AMA with David Cao!!

A Telegram AMA was conducted on November 5, 2018, with David Cao, the Founder & CEO at OneLedger. The community discussed many topics with the CEO. Here is a brief summary of the AMA.

  1. Why is the mainnet scheduled so far out? Any chance of scheduling sooner?

Response: To ensure the quality of the platform, we will work as per the current schedule. However, we will try our best to launch it as soon as possible.

2. Any specific date for the mainnet launch?

Response: No specific date. Our plan is to launch in Q4 2019.

3. Are there any concerns that the market share might be affected by such a distant mainnet target date?

Response: We are working on big projects, and compared to some other public chain projects, our target has already been very aggressive. We want to ensure the security and quality to get a better and bigger market share.

4. How many developers are working full-time on OneLedger?

Response: We currently have 7 full-time developers

5. Can you shed some light on the marketing activities to increase awareness of the project?

Response: Regarding general marketing, we are looking to target more enterprises and build partnerships as we move closer to the Testnet launch. For marketing to the blockchain community, we are looking to organize various events within Toronto and also worldwide. Once, we have the Testnet platform running, we will be organizing Hackathons to increase awareness amongst the developers as well.

We want to build our marketing efforts gradually during such market conditions, as we always prefer in staying lean and moving swiftly. We have also hired a team of Community Moderators in China who will focus on blockchain learning activities for the Chinese community. We are aggressively looking to expand in China and spread to other Asian countries as we believe there is a big market there.

6. Do you guys have any other plans of increasing the value of the OLT token besides the lockup program?

Response: We always focus on community build-up and try to bring more organic volume to help OLT in the market.

7. What makes OLT better than competitors, for example, Aion?

Response: One of our advantages is that we are more focused on enterprises as customers than most other teams. There are many blockchain companies who are building the tech, but they’ll have to adapt it to interface with centralized systems at a later date. We also started with their needs in mind, and have designed them directly into the architecture.

8. Do u have some real word partners or people interested in the project?

Response: We have partners interested in our tech and we are building the cooperation in game, supply-chain and financial industry. We will release the PR, as we progress.

9. Do you have plans to list on more exchanges?

Response: We are in talks with several exchanges, and are looking to list in an efficient manner, while also keeping our long-term goals in mind.

10. Are there any third parties that are auditing the testnet or the code?

Response: For auditing the testnet, yes, we will engage both the community and several third-parties to actively stress-test the testnet. We need to ensure that it is reliable.

11. What are you gonna do to give hope to the people that invested in ICO and now they are at -90%, am not one of them but it is nice to say something to them.

Response: Yes, we cannot control the price. However, what we can control is the communication and ways on improving the project in the long-run. You may have noticed that our community engagement has greatly increased since a couple of months. We are also looking to build enterprise partnerships, and increase the OneLedger awareness across the globe.

12. Where do u see yourself after 1 year Mr. David?

Response: I would see myself working at a more enterprise level on OneLedger and make OneLedger a better brand globally.

13. Partnership announcements are cool but doesn’t say much, imo, until there is an actual production through that partnership. It does shows good initiative that the team is looking ahead.

Response: Each partner is not just announcement, we have actual direction to work together and build some useful utility together.

As always, we appreciate all the feedback and support by the OneLedger community.

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