Exactly 4 years ago, I saw the other side of the coin of Fiji

Day #45 — Day #49: Yasawa/Suva, Fiji (2014–01–02 — 2014–01–06)

As dreamy was the situation, it was equally realistic at Suva, the capital of Fiji. As authentic, alternative tourists that we are, we decide to see not only the shiny and colourful version of Fiji but also the real situation of the unknown capital.

After 4 hours on the bus we finally arrived at Suva. Chaos itself. People everywhere, buses without the side windows instead of air condition, suffocating heat, noise and a huge market where you could buy and sell everything: from live crabs to exotic fruits and tobacco. A colourful puzzle of hues, sounds, images and heat!

Crabs and chilli peppers at the market.
There was a variety at the passengers of the bus.
A not so organized chaos at the bus station. Notice the lack of side windows at the bus.
What can go wrong when you get on such a bus?
Ignorant, happy, excited, absorbed by the nonsensical rhythm of Suva.

We saw parks, churches, ports, markets, bought our souvenirs, got stranded in the middle of nowhere when the fridge of our bus started fuming like crazy and we had to run out of the bus in fear of an explosion, walked the two of us next to a wild jungle waving the locals, got picked up again from the previous bus which had been fixed by its driver who when saw us told us “Don’t lose your faith my friend” and we finally arrived at our hostel which was placed next to a stunning lake with huge completely green trees. It was a wonderful experience seeing how people actually live at a dreamy-like advertised place of the world and letting yourself loose at its chaotic rhythms.

The fork with which the native cannibals ate the first people who set foot at Fiji. A nice, juicy (pun intended) piece of history.
Fruits at the market.
Some kind of bananas at the market. It was a complete chaos but somehow people knew what to do.
The people waiting for something to happen when out bus (on the right) broke down. Notice the white woman on the far right. She was the first albino person I ever saw.
Houses of the locals somewhere at the countryside outside Suva.

But there were special moments as well at our time at Fiji. We met an English girl called Charlotte who has been travelling and working around the world for the last 5 years. We talked a lot with her about her way of living, her choices, the good and the bad of them. She made us think a lot. How would we like to live? Which lifestyle do we prefer? Which are the priorities of each one of us? Alke wants to live around the world, 6 months here, 1 year there, doing various jobs of any kind. This is in contradiction with me who I want something more fixed, with more settled down, with a plan that is organized. Kinda different approaches…

A stunning jungle on the side of the road that we walked when the bus broke down.
A humongous bug at my towel. Nope, I didn’t go to push it away.
The wild and stunning lake at the front view of our hostel.

But let’s not whine, Fiji was amazingly beautiful. Or to be correct had to amazingly beautiful faces. One straight from the top 10 of amazing beaches and tropical islands and another more original, colourful, loud, intense with wild beauty. What a variety!

With a bit of camera filter, this photo, somewhere outside of Suva, is for me the inspiration to always get the road less travelled. Most of the times it will be full of surprises and new experiences.