Sector 3: A Dome of Inspiration

When Blues suffered amnesia from the effects of the Merge, they never fully regained their memory. They’d have bouts of recollection, but memories returned like passing clouds — never tangible enough to grasp. It became evident that solving a puzzle with missing pieces is simply a futile endeavor.

Despite the ambiguity of their roots, the new city was a sign of hope, and many Blues flocked to the Creativity Sector to think of extraordinary ways to build and protect Maskopolis.

In a transparent dome molding with the hills of the land, some of the most groundbreaking ideas came to fruition, which inspired Blues in other sectors to implement. The design of body gear, weapons, and architecture are just to name a few.

None of this would have been possible if it wasn’t for the Sector Leader. There isn’t a Blue in the city that doesn’t get along with him. He’s everything you’d want a leader to be: intelligent, innovative, and charismatic. But behind that vibrant aura is a young Blue hardened by the realities of the First War. He’s haunted by memories of his late mother and father who risked their lives for his safety.

It’s these memories that sustain his energy and encourage him to create a place where Blues feel safe, heard, and at peace. Because here is a place of hope. A place of inspiration. Anything is possible.

However, creativity has its risks. Blues are always pushing themselves to the limit to innovate. While the mountain top is full of powerful elements that help Blues build their city and prepare for battle, there are still many things yet to be discovered. Curiosity has led some Blues to risk their lives and return to the warzone beyond the Holy Gas to find out. This act could jeopardize everything Maskopolis has worked hard to achieve.

The Creativity Sector in OneMask

When revenge is the backbone of innovation, no idea is looked down upon in Maskopolis. Blues here put their creativity to the test, planning extraordinary ways to become the strongest creature in the Oneverse.

New Bot Contest on Discord

Each Blue must earn their place in Maskopolis — especially the leaders of each sector.

Join the Blue army on Discord at Tower Hall for a chance to battle your way to the top of the leaderboard to claim the spot of Sector 3: Leader. We’ve added special gear Creativity Sector Blues will sport, so get creative!

Also, the top three Blues on the leaderboard at the end of the week will get a chance to work with our graphic designers to create custom items for mint.

May the battle be in your favor 🔺️🔵




Welcome to OneMask, The merging Multiverse. 8,888 Blues are currently building an #AVAX Dapp World. Stay tuned.

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Welcome to OneMask, The merging Multiverse. 8,888 Blues are currently building an #AVAX Dapp World. Stay tuned.

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