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Leadership-Man or Mouse!

Set The Example

We are all leaders, for good or for bad. Even if you do nothing, you are setting the example, someone is watching. Most of the time, we all know what we should do, we just don’t do it. To be the best leader possible, do what you think is right, when it needs to be done if anyone is watching or not. Be a man (or woman)!

Afraid Of Failure

You will make the wrong decision sometimes when you step forward as the leader. It is inevitable. Be open, and be willing to change. Listen to everyone around you, but you make the decision if you are the leader.

Your Turn Yo Lead

I wish I could find my old leadership text book from West Point, but I can’t. There was a section that talked about types of leadership. I remember, situational, expertise, and authority, I know there were a few more. But the point of the lesson were the lead leadership role will change and is fluid. You may be the President or person in charge, but sometimes subordinates will have to step forward for things they understand better.

Set The Example (some books)

If you remember nothing else, set the example. Here a few books you should read on leadership:

Good Luck!

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