Storytelling Should Be the Number One Skill You Want to Improve
J. Westenberg 🌈

Storytelling made me a millionaire and a bestselling author.

I agree 100% with this post.

Stories Made Me a Millionaire

With my business for 25 years all of our sales literature and presentations were designed around stories of other people and personal stories so the potential buyer could relate. It took me 3 years to make my first million dollars after being bankrupt.

Stories Made My Book

I had 30,000 words written of what I thought was a good book with no real stories. My Harvard Law son told me, you need stories. So I started over.

The first story was a poor, minimum wage yard man starting a nursery with friends investing what they had, a total of $15,000. Seven years later he got an unsolicited offer for $9,500,000. It is a great story, inspirational and instructional. I went on to collect 18 more stories and wrote the principles I learned from them in my book. Everyday businesses started by everyday people make millionaires all day long. You don’t need a great idea or your own money, plus there is a lot of free help.

Good luck to everyone!

Michael L.F. Slavin author of One Million in the Bank: How To Make $1,000,000 With Your Own Business, Even If You Have No Money Or Experience Winner of 7-awards