What is one piece of advice I can learn in less than 10 minutes that could help me become rich?

Learn to Raise Money

Learn to raise money ( a form of sales-so learn everything you can and get experience in sales). If you learn to raise money, people will come to you, and you can be part of almost any deal you want. You will also be in a position to raise money for your own deal. For fun, run an ad offering to raise money for different projects, find one you like, do some due diligence to make sure it is good and the people are solid behind it, cut your deal, and try to raise some money. You may make some money and learn a whole lot. If you take a finders fee and not a commission, you avoid most of the regulations. But make sure you comply with any rules for raising money, a lot will have to do with the entity you try to raise money for. This is a good education that will help you no matter what you do.

Start Your Own Business

Of course, many people on LinkedIn strive for this or have done it. But are you a millionaire or struggling? Start an everyday type of business -Realize that most self made millionaires do it by starting and growing their own business:

a) You do not need a new idea

b) You do not need your own money

c) there is lots of free help to include SCORE and the SBDC and other places

Undiscovered Investors

Undiscovered Investors- There are investors everywhere who can invest $25000 to $100,000, don’t just think doctors and lawyers. Put a few together and you have the money you need. This ties back to raising money, but it is not a widely known or used concept. This is a powerful concept.

Solid Advice

There are three ideas! Any one of these ideas or all there of these pieces of advice could change your life and make you a millionaire. I speak from experience, I was more than broke, and 3 1/2 years later I was a millionaire.

Like To Add Your Advice?

If you have some other ideas, share them in the comments? Like to hear them.

Good Luck!

Michael L. F. Slavin Author of 6 time ward winning One Million in the Bank: How To Make $1,000,000 With Your Own Business, Even If You Have No Money Or Experience