Winning, becoming a millionaire, and having freedom to do what you want, care for those you love, and support the causes you care for.


You Can be More

My main message is how almost anyone can be a millionaire. This lets you have the freedom to care for those you love, do what you want in life, and to support the causes you care about. Money should only be a tool in your life. For those who want to be a millionaire, you really have a great chance with your own business. I know so many people that have done it with their own business. But it is hard for many to change the routines, patterns, and habits in their life.

“What you think, you become.

What you feel, you attract.

What you imagine, you create.”

Gautama Buddha

I know, just another great quote. Please stop and think about it for a minute. Change your mind, change your life.

Available for Everyone

Opportunity is everywhere, we all know that, but then why hasn’t everyone made $1,000,000 yet? I have covered so many stories of people doing it with regular businesses everywhere. They are not extra smart, definitely not richer, and they don’t know the secret password. Opportunity is there, but you must take action. Recently in my Google+ Community, a man complained he had no head for business and has failed twice. I told him that his having no head for business really was just not having the experience and training. I told him if he thoroughly researched his next business, identified his weaknesses and strengthened those areas, and also sought advice and help from others like the SBDC and SCORE-he might then just have a very good head for business.

So many people take off half-cocked or not cocked at all. Just settle down, get started and systematically get ready, then start your business.

You Can Be a Millionaire

You should start thinking about owning your own business if you want to be a millionaire. You really can do it!

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