You Are So Much More Than You Think You Can Ever Be
Tim Denning

You are so right!

Everyone can be more, some can be so much more. In all my years of training, leading, and motivating people, both in the Army as an officer and as the Founder/CEO of my company, I have seen people rise to spectacular heights and accomplishments. People who feel average (whatever that is), can do so much more.

To help others I researched and wrote my 7-award winning book, One Million in the Bank: How To Make $1,000,000 in 3–7 years With No Money or Experience. It is about average people, with no resources, starting an average business, to include how to find the money and help they need.

One story is an immigrant with no education and no money, becoming a multi-millionaire in 7 years with a plant nursery. He really started with less than nothing. That is Frank Nunez, right here in Houston. He has also created 5 other multi-millionaires, family members he mentored into the business in other cities. There are 17 other stories in my book and I have collected so much more.

Tim, you have made a great point. TY I completely agree, we can all be more in most areas of our life. First, we have to believe it, then sometimes we do need a little help.

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