How to Build Confidence In 10 Steps
Edward Latimore

You have said many very good things here. I agree with everything. I do want to comment on “Do What Makes You Happy.” Of course, I agree. How could anyone argue with that? I do find some people can use this as an excuse to not do the hard things. So some people should be careful to blow off hard things in life, with the excuse of doing what makes them happy. I am sure you agree with this I just wanted to make the point.

“Money neither provides nor deprives you of happiness” I generally agree. Well, I am sure you know it does make people happier according to some surveys up to a point, about $75,000 yr or so. I personally think a person with lots of money has the opportunity to be a little happier. However, most scientists would agree there is a genetic component to happiness too. But this is a very complicated issue. I agree 100% the real value of money is freedom. The freedom to pursue anything you want, to freedom to not worry about caring for those you love, and the freedom to help others and causes you care about.

I was broke and bankrupt, then started my own business and was a millionaire 3 years later. It sucks to have no money and all the pressure to go with it. Yes, I was still happy (good genes maybe, but I can tell you being a millionaire is a lot less stressful. Does less stress mean happier? Probably that is true. I have written a book, One Million in the Bank: How To Make $1,000,000 With Your Own Business, Even If You have No Money Or Experience (7 awards). I have done my best to tell virtually anyone how to start an everyday business and be a millionaire in 3–7 years. The book is full of stories/case studies too. I hope it helps.

Oh yes “Fake it till you make it,” I have lived by this and taught this to everyone around me. This is the only to start a new area and have confidence. Plus no one knows you are faking it.

Thank you for your very good and thoughtful post.

Good luck to Everyone!

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