Read a book
Nitin Dangwal

“ This is one thing that anybody can do. Anyone of us.”

Nope. Not actually true, and a very damaging thing to say, in fact. I work a lot with adults who can’t read and write, or who cant read and write at adult levels. Adults who couldn’t, at this stage in their lives, read a book. Adults who come to Adult Basic Education classes so they can learn to read roadsigns and therefore, learn to drive, for example. Many adults can’t read. I live in Scotland, and here, 26.7% of adults struggle with literacy. That’s over a quarter of people who can’t just “read a book.” To say “it is so easy” is to deny the massive difficulties many folk have to overcome in order to get to a place where reading a book isn’t impossible and terrifying. The ability to read is a massive privilege. A large percentage of the world population never learn to do it*.

Maybe bear that in mind.

*And it’s never, ever because they’re too stupid.

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