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We have created this article to give you a taste of the Magical World with the aim of presenting the following:

  • Project Info
  • OneOnes Vision
  • Dino’s Story
  • Artist Led Project
  • Info and Partnerships
  • Pricing
  • Team
  • Dino’s Road (brief Roadmap)
  • Commercial Rights: CC0

Collection Size — 6565

Official Twitter — OneOnesNFT

Mint Date — Q2 2022 (exact mint date TBA on Twitter)

Mint Price — Allowlist: 0.08 ETH / Public Sale: 0.09 ETH

Website — (TBA on Twitter)

All information will only be available on OneOnesNFT official Twitter page

Official Links

All official announcements will be made on OneOnesNFT official Twitter account.

Official Twitter: One Ones (@OneOnesNFT) / Twitter

Founder’s twitter: Migrating Lines (@MigratingLines) / Twitter

Project Info

OneOnes is a collection of 6565 companions that will transport you to the hidden Magical World. The OneOnes is an NFT project built on storytelling and interaction. From a technical perspective, the OneOnes will be minted on the Ethereum blockchain as a unique, non-fungible token (NFT). The OneOnes expand the Magical World created by Migrating Lines in his 1/1 art on SuperRare and Foundation. This project is born by merging the 1/1 art world and the pfp collectible world. There are a total of 8 Core Families of OneOnes; each one of them has specific attributes and perks. In addition, there are several 1/1 Celestial OneOnes that have specific powers (TBA 👀).

OneOnes, from the Hita Core family

OneOnes Vision

Having a OneOnes will allow you to visit the hidden Magical World and revive your inner child. They will allow you to be part of a community built on a set of values present in the Magical World.

Coming from a 1/1 art background, one of the aims of the OneOnes is to connect the 1/1 art and collectibles world through a set of values. Building a long term brand requires creating a foundation based on values and concepts we believe in.

!Details — A 1/1 artwork submerges you in its details, you can look at it and be drawn by it. The OneOnes will aim to give you a similar feeling.

!Personal — We are aiming to create a unique experience in the pfps world, similar to the one felt in the presence of a 1/1 art. Migrating Lines has created over hundreds of assets that could generate more than 40²¹ combinations. We are limiting the supply to 6565, making sure that each OneOnes is extremely personal.

!Options — 1 OneOnes gives you several pfp options which can be chosen depending on your mood, emotion and state of mind creating a personalized relationship between you and your OneOnes.

!Storytelling — The OneOnes are part of Dino’s Magical Story which started as 1/1 pieces created by Migrating Lines on Foundation and SuperRare. The OneOnes will expand the world discovered by Dino through storytelling and interactions. ML started by narrating the story on his own, and now all OneOnes holders will be writing it too.

!Power — Owning a OneOnes will provide you with a set of powers that will be announced along the way. Some hints to trigger your imagination:

Owning a specific OneOnes Core Family will give you the chance to win a… (TBA)

Owning a specific OneOnes Core Family will give you access to meet/mint a… (TBA)

Owning a Celestial will give you a… (TBA)


!Partnerships — Since the beginning of our project, we have been partnering with communities and projects we relate to in terms of art, vision and approach. Some of them are Ghxsts, RCC, Invisible Friends, Karafuru, Smilesss, Capsule House, Coolman Universe, Wonderpals, KaijuKingz, Little Lemon Friends, Toyboogers, Whiskers, Aswang Tribe, DourDarcels, Deekayverse, Mindblowon … We plan to continue this approach and team up with communities in the future on various levels!

!Provenance — Identity and provenance in this space are key, and being an artist led project allowed us to build the foundation of a brand with our own style and identity.

Dino’s Story (Brief)

Dino’s Magical World is an interactive story that links collectors to the World discovered by Dino.

This is the year 3050, where Dino, a young kid discovers an access to a hidden world filled with magic. In his journey, Dino discovers portals that can transport him to the Magical World. The story started with these portals that are actual 1/1 artworks created by Migrating Lines (Magical Items and Dino’s Gates) on Foundation and SuperRare.

Dino was dreaming of a possibility of inviting all his friends to the Magical World. He was looking for a place where they could all gather and dream, a place they could call ‘home’ . After years of exploring the Magical world, he finally reaches Nimi. The region is known for its strong aura which contains numerous Magical Rings. Throughout his journey, Dino endured endless experiences, felt many emotions, learned important values and built a lot of memories. He decided to pour everything he experienced during his adventures in one of the Magical Rings. This experience resulted in the creation of companions: the OneOnes. These friends will transport you to the hidden Magical World, will enhance your emotions, will trigger your imagination and bring back to life your inner child.

Artist Led Project

Migrating Lines has been narrating the story of Dino (his character) in the space for more than a year while creating the Magical World through his 1/1 artworks (Magical Items and Dino’s Gates) on platforms like SuperRare and Foundation (latest work sold for 6, 9, 12 eth on SR). OneOnes is part of this existing ecosystem and will expand the Magical World with Migrating Lines style and identity. Through this project, Migrating Lines aims to connect the 1/1 art world and pfp collectibles world through different means (details, storytelling, utility etc.)

You can find his work on FND: https://foundation.app/migratinglines and on SuperRare: https://superrare.com/migratinglines

Existing 1/1s created by Migrating Lines on Foundation, part of Dino’s story

ML’s art has also been selected to take part in exhibitions and Museums in 2022. Currently, Migrating Lines has pieces exhibited in Milan, in the Museo della Permanente alongside names such as Banksy, Anyma, Frederico Clapis, ToomuchLag, Vexx and others.

Dino’s Gates exhibited at Museo della Permanente in Milan

Migrating Lines comes from the idea of migrating into different dimensions and fields through his creations. His work merges storytelling, animation, gaming and interaction. Migrating Lines has been creating and drawing artworks for more than 18 years. He’s been imagining, drawing and writing the story of Dino (his character) for many years now and decided to bring it to life in the NFT space.

Info and Partnerships

OneOnes will have an allowlist and a public sale. This approach is important for us as we are building a community that is based on concepts we believe in. Some of them are !storytelling, !trust, !fun, !interaction and !imagination. This allows us to grow our community through storytelling, games, contests and discussions.

We also partnered with projects and communities we relate to in terms of art, vision and approach.

To name a few: Ghxsts, RCC, Invisible Friends, Karafuru, Smilesss, Capsule House, Coolman Universe, Wonderpals, KaijuKingz, Little Lemon Friends, Toyboogers, Whiskers, Aswang Tribe, Doodles Alpha, CoolCats Alpha, DourDarcels, Deekayverse, Mindblowon, SVS and more ❤️

PS: allowlist winners wallet addresses are added directly to the contract


Allowlist: 0.08

Public: 0.09

Secondary royalties 5%

We have decided to allocate 20% of our primary and secondary sales for our treasury to give us the opportunity to build and grow the Magical World in the future (i.e. Community/Marketing etc.).


During Migrating Lines’ journey, he had the chance to make a lot of friends in the space, from collectors, to artists, to developers. It was important for ML to partner with people that are experienced and have been active in the space for a long time.

For the dev. side of the project, ML teamed up with Fccview and FrankNFT who are two doxxed professionals. Through their passion and expertise, they helped making this project come to life.

FrankNFT has been programming since the 6502 microprocessor was still a thing. He is a solidity developer that wrote the ERC721F: a new take on low gas contracts. He actively shares his knowledge in the space with the community. He has also been a speaker in events such as Devoxxx, which is an annual technology conferences organised by developers for developers around the world. He is expected to do many talks in 2022 in world renowned events including NFT NYC and Devoxxx.

Fccview has been a full stack developer professionally for the past 10 years. While his focus was mainly on building e-commerce for big well known brands (e.g. bulk.com), he now works full time as a web3 developer and community builder. He currently is the CEO of Wearedorkis and the Community Manager of Animetas. This year he partnered with FrankNFT to build professional and highly performing web3 solutions.

NidoSensei is a marketing and communication strategist and has been on Migrating Lines’ side since the beginning of his 1/1 journey. He’s known ML way before entering the space. Through his passion and expertise, Nido is helping to achieve the long term vision and goals of OneOnes.

Dino’s Road (Roadmap)

Our roadmap has already started. OneOnes is part of the existing ecosystem of Dino’s story that currently lives through 1/1 pieces on Foundation and SuperRare. Identity and provenance in this space are key, and being an artist led project allowed us to build the foundation of a brand with our own style and identity. We plan to expand our identity with you in the web3 and web2 world.

Community and friendships are at the core of our project. As you already saw, we are partnering with existing communities we relate to in terms of art, vision and approach. With you, we see ourselves as an extended family, with the aim of creating a long-term sustainable safe space built on the core values found in Dino’s Magical World.

Since the beginning, we have been applying a storytelling approach to all aspects of the project which creates a sense of mystery and magic (Migrating Lines being a storyteller himself lol). We are strong believers of under-promise and over-deliver. But we obviously have many plans for the future (TBA 👀). We have been teasing you since the start, so we’ll be dropping fun clues through the journey.

For now, what we can promise is personal and unique art, storytelling, interaction, and community!

Through our love for storytelling we will be writing one together.

Commercial Rights: CC0

As we said before, OneOnes aim to offer a unique experience to each holder, and this goes beyond art. Owning a OneOnes NFT will provide freedom to do anything you want with your NFT within the limits of CC0.

Looking forward to see you in the hidden Magical World!



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