Save the Amazon

4 Changes You Can Make to Help Stop Deforestation

Anne de Carbuccia on expedition in Peru

Anne de Carbuccia has documented the pristine Amazonian jungle as well as areas destroyed by deforestation. The Amazon provides more than 20% of the planet’s oxygen, is home to half the species in existence, and holds a fifth of the world’s freshwater.

Protection of the Amazon is essential to humanity’s survival. Here are 4 changes One Planet One Future recommends to do your part.

1 Use Recycled Products Endless demand for paper products is large contributor to the accelerating rate of deforestation. From paper towels to notebooks, we use paper daily. Seeking out household products made from recycled materials is a simple way to reduce your paper use. Almost all necessary paper items are available in recycled materials, and taking advantage of this is an immediate, sacrifice-free way to help slow the demand for freshly cut trees.

2 Buy Local Produce Large agricultural corporations, particularly those in the soy industry, are eager for the nutrient-rich soil of the Amazon to expand their growing land.

Anne de Carbuccia on expedition in Peru

Huge swaths of rainforest are cleared for cropland. Becoming a patron of local farmer’s markets or co-ops means that you are buying produce created on small-scale farms that are far more sustainable — and that definitely don’t contribute to further Amazon clearing.

3 Eat Less Meat Much like produce, animal farming is an ever-expanding presence in the Amazon. According to some estimates, each meal containing meat is responsible for the clearing of 55 square feet of rainforest land. The OPOF Team has committed to cutting meat entirely for one day each week, our #MeatlessMondays. If each meatless meal saves 55 square feet, imagine the possibilities of a thousand meatless days… a million…

4 Turn Off the Lights! The Amazon is quickly becoming home to more and more traditional power plants which cut and burn trees to generate electricity. Making sure to turn off lights when you leave rooms and unplug devices when they’re not in use is the first step. Beyond that, investing in sustainable energy is one of the most effective ways to curb not just deforestation, but climate change overall. And it may actually save you money

Ficus Tree & Boa Constrictor © Anne de Carbuccia, 2018

Every year an area the size of England is cleared from rainforests around the world. At current deforestation rates, they will disappear in the next 100 years. Additionally, deforestation contributes 12% of all greenhouse gas emissions — only slightly less than the world’s 1.2 billion vehicles. A sustainable future must include a protected Amazon, and each of us can commit to small changes that progress us toward that goal.


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