How Facebook Could Tilt the 2016 Election

The Short: “Why Quitting Your Job to Chase Your Dream Is a Terrible Idea”

by Jeff Goins (Medium)

Not long ago, my friend Bryan quit his corporate job working as a technical writer for a Fortune 500 company in order to do something new.

On his last day, everyone in the office expressed a mix of envy and surprise. They couldn’t believe he was leaving, that he was making such a big jump. But the truth is Bryan had been planning this moment for 10 years.

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The Long: “How Facebook Could Tilt the 2016 Election”

by Robinson Meyer (The Atlantic)

At the end of every week, Zuckerberg holds an internal question-and-answer session for employees. Usually before these sessions, the company circulates a poll internally asking what concerns he should address. On March 4, as one of these polls circulated among workers, many employees voted to ask him: “What responsibility does Facebook have to help prevent President Trump in 2017?”

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