“Why are you depressed?”
“Because I have depression.”
Mental health stigma depends a lot on the myth of the ‘about’. If people see no reason for your depression, they see the flaw as you. You can be depressed for no reason. You can have a panic attack at 11am for no reason. Illness doesn’t have to have a motive.
– Matt Haig

Unhelpful things to say to someone with Depression

But you don’t look depressed, you just have to deal with it, you’re bringing me down, you’re no fun snap out of it, fake it until you make it, just do more fun things, you never make an effort anymore, you seemed fine yesterday, I know exactly how you feel but I had it worse back when, if you really wanted to feel better you’d be able to do it, you’re just self-absorbed, crying doesn’t solve anything, life isn’t fair, life goes on, if I were you I would, you just want attention, just have some faith, all you need is a positive attitude, it could be worse, you have nothing in life to be sad over, it’s made up in your head, you’re making a big deal of nothing, you just need a drink, it’s probably not that bad, maybe you need a hobby, cheer up, it’s just a phase, take a nap your mood will pass.
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