Instructions for gameplay

1. Basically you need MetaMask plugin installed in your browser, easiest way is to just go to their site and it will auto-detect your browser and offer correct version. all you need is press install and follow instructions (scroll down agreements and press “Yes”, memorise (write down) code phrase. etc…)

then goes the following… Looks like a wall of text))) but it’s all quite simple really.

To see the whole demo process of the game and play on virtual Eth, You will need:
• In the Metmask Plugin, select the “ROPSTEN TEST NETWORK” mode (Ropsten Network is completely similar to the real Ethereum network, but with artificial Eth).
• Click the “ BUY “ button (buy),
• in the next window, click “ROPSTEN TEST FAUCET”.
• A new “METAMASK ETHER FAUCET” window will open in the browser where you can request a test Eth by clicking the green “request 1 ether from faucet” button in the “FAUCET” column, one click sends a request for 1 Eth, the transaction takes 15 to 45 seconds. We recommend to request 5–7 Eth for a comfortable game.
• In some cases when the transaction is not displayed correctly we recommend to refresh the browser window by pressing F5.
• After receiving the test Eth you will be able to make virtual bets using the Ropsten network, for this, with the active Metamask plugin go to the website of our game
• Click on the icon with your avatar in the upper right corner.
• In the window that opens, in the line DEPOSIT, specify the required value of the replenished wallet, with the value of Eth. there should be no more than the amount you have in MetaMask. For a comfortable game, we recommend leaving 0.1–0.5 Eth in the wallet as transactions are paid from the main wallet, at 0 balance transactions will be rejected by the Ethereum network automatically.
• Click the SUBMIT button and confirm the transaction.
• Wait for Eth to transfer to your game account (the waiting time is the time of the transaction and is usually between 15 and 45 seconds).
• After the funds are credited to your game balance, all the “bet” buttons on the tables are automatically unlocked.
• After clicking “BET” Metamask notification window will appear, it contains all the info about transaction and the cost of the transaction which will be charged from your main test wallet, click the green button “submit” confirming your agreement.
• Bets on other tables are automatically blocked until the end of the transaction, to avoid disorientation of the player in the gameplay.
• After the transaction, you will be put at the table reflecting the current state of the players. If the draw has not yet passed, you can click the “exit to the lobby” where you can bet on any other table
• If you missed the draw and won in it, you can see the replay by clicking on your avatar in the upper right corner, you will find yourself in your account where you can see a list of all the games you have won, by clicking on it you can see the replay. English version of all the above is here

    https:// bets.

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    We have created a new game for the crypto market. Very soon we will start, but you can already play on the test: