• Our product is ready and we are focused on improving the project.

• A total of 10,000 tokens have been issued, this is the amount of funds attracted by us from external investors necessary for the successful entry of the finished product to the crypto-game market.

• Automatic payment of dividends to holders of tokens guaranteed by smart contracts.

• The price of tokens has a tendency of growth due to the rapid return on investment (in the period from 1 to 8 months), and the absence of an overabundance of tokens.

• We have done a lot of work on architecture, content and design, all solutions are adaptive for mobile devices.

• Our gaming platform is fully integrated - we have implemented an architecture that allows us to implement any idea based on smart contracts (to add a payment system, to integrate third-party services or otherwise).

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    We have created a new game for the crypto market. Very soon we will start, but you can already play on the test: