One To World celebrates 40 years of global connections with local impact

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Jun 1, 2017 · 2 min read
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On Tuesday, May 23, One To World was proud to kick off the celebration of our 40th anniversary at the 2017 Fulbright Awards Dinner. This annual event brings together leaders in the higher education, diplomatic, philanthropic, and business communities to celebrate the impact of international exchange and intercultural cooperation.

Each year, One To World honors those whose lives and work embody the Fulbright spirit of internationalism. This year’s honorees were Dr. Madelyn Antoncic, Former Vice President and Treasurer, The World Bank; Jeffrey Beers, Founder of Jeffrey Beers International and a Fulbright Grantee to Brazil; The Hon. Frank J. Guarini, Former Member, U.S. House of Representatives and Former U.S. Representative to the U.N. General Assembly; and Whitney Tilson, Founder and Managing Partner of Kase Capital Management.

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Honorees Jeffrey Beers, Dr. Madelyn Antoncic, Whitney Tilson, and Frank Guarini with Executive Director Jen E. Clarke (second right).

Awards were presented by four Fulbright grantees currently studying in the NYC area–Eldin Milak from Bosnia & Herzegovina, Aline Burni from Brazil, Tuvshinzaya Gantulga from Mongolia, and Suchaya Mokkhasen from Thailandwho spoke eloquently about their home countries, their studies, and how their participation in One To World activities enriched their experience in the United States.

Jaylene Torres Castillo, a 6th-grade student at Girls Prep Bronx Middle School, spoke about her experiences with One To World’s Global Classroom program, which brings international students and visiting scholars from around the world into local schools. “Every day when I wake up and it’s Wednesday, the first thing I think is that I want to go and meet the new Global Guide that One To World brings,” she said. “No matter where they are from, all of the Global Guides have given me this message — that I can change the world.”

During the program, we also debuted a new video that is featured on our website. A huge thank you to the current and former students and American hosts who helped make this video possible!

What do NYC area international students have to say about us? Watch to find out.

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