Over scale Symphony

Fernando Botero’s Mona Lisa.

You are lazy, you are weak, you are unhealthy, you are not sexy. Noone can love you, no one can want you, if someone looks at you, marry them because just settling is a deal for you. Don’t be picky, how you dare to be picky, who do you think you are. So you are single as a personal choice, yeah, right. Don’t use that dress, oh, you think it looks good on you, how funny, well then I’ll just do it in a unique size useless for everyone. Please be the chaperone you are not gonna get anything anyways. I would hire you but your insurance is gonna be more expensive I would hire you but your appareance is gonna cost me clients no one wants to see you, no one wants to be like you. Not even you want to be you. So you can dance, wow, so sad you are not skinnier. That guy can’t be into you, he is tricking you, it’s a trap, a bet, a bucket full of blood hanging above your head. So that guy touched you without consent, but he is hot and look at you, you should be thankful, he did you a favour. Another slice? seriously? You shouldn’t be even thinking in carbs. Oh just a salad, who are you trying to kid. Have you seen Rihanna, how fat she is and how she shows her belly how disgusting I swear if I ever am that fat I will kill myself. You have to shave, you are already fat you have to compensate somewhere, I paid for your dinner and we both know you really ate. Thank god you are pregnant I would die of embarrassment if you were just fat. What a shame to be fat, what could be worse than that. What a pretty face you have, so sad you are not skinnier. You would be really hot if you were skinnier. You should lose weight, you look like a lesbian. Oh hurry to lose that baby weight, you don’t want to lose your husband! Come with me so he does not get distracted. He was staring at you he might be drunk or high, who could ever choose seeing you, no one wants to see you, no one wants to be you. Not even you want to be you. I’m your doctor, you should lose weight, no I don’t care where your pain is right now, you are too fat, only skinny people have the right to have a real diagnosis. Cover your body, no one wants to see your arms, they look like legs, where are your boobs? Behind the fat of your stomach? you don’t have ass you are just a belly If I were like that I would kill myself. If I were like you I would kill myself. Kill yourself, stop smiling, how dare you. How dare you to not being depressed when your weight is that high even with 20 pounds less than you I would kill myself. Noone wants to see you, no one wants to be with you. Not even you want to be with you. Kill yourself, if I were you I so would kill myself.