OneCoin Global Master Distributor Sebastian Greenwood Talks About His Career and Future

Sebastian Greenwood is a Global Master Distributor and sort of an unknown leader. However, Greenwood has been a major influence on the Worldwide success of OneCoin. Greenwood has spent over 10 years in the network marketing field, becoming a millionaire. He recently gave an interview to talk about his success.

How Did Greenwood Become A Master Distributor 
 Greenwood met with Chief Executive Officer Ruja Ignatova to discuss cryptocurrency. Greenwood did not understand that much about cryptocurrency. After a few meetings, Greenwood found that Ignatova is knowledgeable. Greenwood was convinced that OneCoin could change the way people did transactions online. It’s important to have people believe in the One Coin Currency. That is why Greenwood decided to help Dr. Ignatova create the top cryptocurrency in the industry. 
The Development Of One Coin 
 Greenwood notes that One Coin has millions of members throughout the World due to having a clear and strong concept. One Coin has all of the support that it needs to be successful. 
The Future Of One Coin 
 Greenwood is excited about the future of One Coin. Greenwood has noticed the developments in the company over the last few years. One Coin will follow the outlines plan to duplicate their success over the next few years. One Coin continues to grow their membership and work on new developments.
How Would Greenwood Describe Himself 
 Greenwood considers himself hard working, dedicated, and passionate. Greenwood says that he does have a secret side, which is the philosophy of never giving up, regardless of whether its a private or professional matter. Greenwood is committed to achieving the results that he wants. Greenwood believes that he is a good listener. Greenwood likes helping people, and believes that it is important to take your time and be patient with people and listen to what they have to say. 
What Drives Greenwood 
Greenwood wants to develop World changing things. As a child, Greenwood was always interested in building big things. Greenwood was a fan of Legos. 
The Network Marketing Business
The Network Marketing Business is a unique industry and Greenwood got his start by doing business with finance companies. Greenwood was inspired by the industry and how people could transform their lives. One of Greenwood’s mentors introduced him to the network marketing business. He showed Greenwood how to success in the network marketing industry. Greenwood believes that everyone needs a mentor in order to succeed in the network marketing industry. 
How Important is Personal Development 
Greenwood feels that personal development is important because it is the only way for someone to achieve personal growth. Greenwood feels that he wouldn’t be as successful without his personal development. 
Any Advice to Give to Those Aspiring to be Successful 
Its important to find a mentor or sponsor who can guide you down the right path. Find your inner power and believe in yourself. You won’t achieve success without belief. 
What Are The Pros And Cons of Network Marketing 
The bad side includes having a distributor join an opportunity and brining other people in and everyone fails. It happens too often. However, one of the great things about network marketing is witnessing the life changing experiences that people go through when they become successful. It’s a challenge to maintain the lifestyle, but if you are disciplined, that shouldn’t be an issue. One of the other bad things is that some people may have taken shortcuts to become successful. There are also some issues with sponsorships. People can sponsor someone and then fail to take care of them. 
Staying Motivated 
 Greenwood’s biggest motivation is introducing people to the network marketing industry and watching them succeed.