High-frequency trading, billions of turnover on exchanges and memes as an instrument for sourcing employees. The Onederx foundation story.

A fund turned me down, so I decided to make my own

In 2014, by the end of the last year at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, I already knew that science (at my homeland or abroad) was not something I would dedicate my life to. Having thought about the areas where my knowledge could be of use, I tried to get an internship at two hedge funds, but they denied me; I had to scramble on my own.

My MSU friend and I wrote a simple connector to Moscow Stock Exchange…

OnederX is moving forward. In the last two months we have done a lot of work to improve the functionality. Alongside with that apart from maintaining a stable work of a steadily growing exchange we have also radically new trading instruments.

The better part of this important day-to-day performance stays unnoticed by most ordinary users. Therefore, in today’s overview article we will look back at the landmarks in the work that we have done in the last few months and discuss what we need to do in the near future.

Looking ahead we will immediately note that the reason for…

Fire and ice, greed and fear, Yin and Yang and finally — Long and Short…Sometimes we couldn’t figure, but, in order of exchange trading — everything depends on us.

I would like to talk about short orders and short positions and especially through out of derivatives — indefinite future contracts, the main trend in 2019 on crypto market!

Let’s go deep into exchange markets speculation, whales and plankton world, find out the answer there like “what the short is in principle, what is the difference from long, why is it nessecary and finally — people, and what the hell is…

The regular readers already know that one of the most interesting options of OnederX is negative fees for the takers (and not the makers as it is with most classical exchanges).

Sometimes, this feature of OnederX raises questions and starts disputes in the support channel, therefore, we have decided to discuss it more elaborately in this expanded article.

What is it about?

Let us first remind you of what it is exactly all about.

On OnederX, the structure of exchange commissions is radically changed. We have a negative commission for the takers, not for the makers!

This is how it looks right now:


As our readers already know, the Onederx Trading Challenge is live right now — and we are generously sharing our profits with daily winners in 7 different categories. Every day we automatically determine the 7 lucky members who get real Bitcoins just for being active on the exchange.

Today we’d like to share a real review written by a member who competed in the “Most Creative User” category. We decided that his experience will be useful for you all to learn about. So we will repost his creative piece in our blog.

Here is what this winner of OnederX Trading…

In August 2018 a project of the cryptocurrency exchange Encrybit published the results of its second survey among its users. This time it was about the things which matter for traders. Over 10 thousand traders from around the world took part in the survey.

Here is the first insight from this survey: 57% of the traders use more than 3 exchanges to trade.

It proves that there is still no ideal crypto exchange and the traders have to use several exchanges in order to be able to make the most of the cryptocurrency market. …

What you are about to read is not a joke. We want to give our users an opportunity to trade in memes. To do that, we are going to calculate our own composite index of memes. Have you heard about S&P 500 or Dow Jones? They are composite indices, too; the only difference that our index will measure the popularity of memes, not companies.

From now on, any user will be able to earn real Bitcoins based on people’s interest in specific memes — by forecasting meme trends and betting on them on our exchange. …

The cryptocurrency futures market is booming and bashing the shrinking spot market with its rapidly growing trading volumes. The reason for this is the nature of the spot cryptocurrency market and the bearish trend on it. In this situation, the futures contracts are a great alternative tool for the traders to hedge their long positions on the spot market by opening short positions in a futures contract and to trade both ways.

One of the popular cases of how a futures contract on Bitcoin yielded an enormous profit is that of Mark Dow, a former economist at the International Monetary…

What is a stablecoin? As follows from the name itself, it is a cryptocurrency designed to minimize price volatility, that is, ensuring a stable exchange rate.

For instance, one unit of the largest stablecoin — Tether (USDT) is set to be equal to 1 USD, and for the last three years since its entrance in the public crypto market Tether’s exchange rate has been more or less stable — meaning that it fulfils its purpose well.

At the same time, we should point out that centralized stablecoins are a subject of many well-founded concerns, since it is impossible to transparently…

I was bored. I sat at home in front of the screen of the exchange terminal and watched the sluggish saw on the BTC chart. Like any professional trader, I hate low volatility! But even more, I hate the impotence of the unknown, the future. We all analyze the past perfectly, but when it comes to rapid price fluctuations, we are not ready for this and worse, when the system fails at the most inopportune moment. …


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