OnederX — a very short introduction: who we are and what we can offer to the crypto world

We have built the world’s fastest crypto futures exchange aimed at professional traders.

We are the team of the crypto futures exchange Onederx. Our exchange allows traders to carry out derivatives trading while enjoying the lowest latencies on the market, very small fees, and large margins provided by our risk module. The main trading instrument employed at Onederx is cryptocurrency futures, which are far more convenient for traders than ordinary spot contracts. Derivatives trading on Onederx is as simple as BTC/USD spot trading, with100% correlation with the BTC/USD spot market price. What’s more, Onederx is the world’s first exchange to feature a negative fee for takers.

We’ve combined the best technologies and financial solutions that are used across the top classic and crypto exchanges to create a superior product. At present, we can offer a fully functional product — you can register and start trading on our exchange right now.

What we offer

1. Right now, the exchange offers one type of contract — the highly popular BTCUSD Perpetual Contract

2. Each contract is worth $1

3. All deposits, withdrawals and payments are carried out in BTC. We also plan to introduce futures with settlements in USDT.

4. A detailed description of the service can be found here:

5. BTC deposits and withdrawals are already available (withdrawals are moderated manually for the time being).

The question we are asked most often is why we have decided to build our own exchange from scratch — and how it is better than others.

— Low latency

Low latencies are crucial for the market makers — the main liquidity providers. Existing crypto-trading platforms are technologically primitive. It takes 100–1000 ms for them to execute an order in comparison to 1–5 ms execution time at the classic exchanges.

We understand that low latencies mean an additional risk of loss, including lost profit. Since Onederx is an advanced technological project created by a company with an extensive experience in HFT, we aim to provide ≤ 2ms end-user latency for 99% of requests.

— A feast of low fees

Commissions rate is one of the most important factors for traders, and Onederx features extremely low fees. Moreover, we are the only derivatives exchange to offer negative fees for takers, not makers. Make deals and get paid!

Taker fee = -0.01%
Maker fee = 0.06%

Here is the logic behind this model: most makers are robots that earn a profit from spread trading anyway. Thus, it is logical that they should pay the fee.

Our motto is “rebates are for people, not for robots!”

— Short positions — earn on the falling market with no lending fees

It is a well-known fact that futures are perfect for short trades — and many other types of deals. This is one of the reasons why we have created a crypto futures exchange for professional traders. Derivatives trading on Onederx is as simple as BTC/USD spot trading, with100% correlation with the BTC/USD spot market price.

— Leverage up to 20x

Margin trading allows our users to trade actively and to earn more. Having a $1 balance, a trader can open positions of up to $20. Our brilliant risk management system allows fair margins up to 20× without causing any nasty liquidation accidents.

— Hedge your risks

If your business is not bitcoin speculation, you probably hate exchange rate fluctuations. Onederx’s perpetual contract provides the best way to hedge your positions, effectively eliminating the risks that come with holding a large amount of cryptocurrency.

— Security

The security of our clients’ assets is our top priority. For this reason, we use the most advanced safety mechanisms, including cold storage and multisig wallets to protect your funds.

— Add-ons

If you’d like to get even more from Onederx — be it integration with third-party services or maximum speeds — we can arrange it.

To get the lowest available latency, simply drop us an email and we’ll provide you with collocation or direct access bypassing our anti-DDoS provider.

We also offer a convenient API that allows to send and delete orders using REST and Websockets. An in-depth overview of the API is available here

Who are we and where do we come from?

Onederx is a subsidiary project of a global proprietary high-frequency trading (HFT) firm. Currently, we provide liquidity at 9 major classic exchanges in Europe, Asia, and the Americas, and this number is growing. Our specialties are futures trading and option pricing. Our daily turnover reaches $200 million.

Recently we have turned our attention to the emerging crypto market. Sadly, we found that most existing crypto-trading platforms are technologically primitive. We’ve combined the best technologies and financial solutions that are used across the top classic and crypto exchanges to create a superior product.

Currently we have an international team of 15 working on the project in research, development, and marketing. We would like to offer our special recognition and gratitude to our US advisor Michael Brill for his valuable input.

Onederx is registered in Tallinn, Estonia, and licensed in the EU. The approval documents issued by the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit in this regard are available here: FRK000056, FVR000075.

We will be glad to receive your questions, suggestions, and feedback. Please don’t hesitate to contact us via email or our official Telegram channel.

If you wish to test our exchange but are not quite familiar with crypto futures trading, please refer to our user-friendly introduction and manual — you will find it here.