The Land of Ice and Snow: now less icy and snowy

On beautiful summer days in Juneau and Glacier Bay, there’s much to admire and food for thought.

Mendenhall Glacier, Juneau, Alaska. Photo by Matt Artz on Unsplash

From a standpoint of curiosity and a tendency to be awed by the incredible variety and beauty of the terrains of this planet, it’s hard to pass on an opportunity to see glaciers and tundra.

I stood for a while on that gravelly shore, pivoting a slow 360 and trying to envision the valley as it was 300 years ago, a vast river of ice.

With every layer of clothing we peeled off, though, we felt the pangs of knowledge.

Ok (Okjökull) is the first Icelandic glacier to lose its status as a glacier. In the next 200 years all our glaciers are expected to follow the same path. This monument is to acknowledge that we know what is happening and what needs to be done. Only you know if we did it.

Former teacher. Poet, essayist. Sometime gadfly. Doodler. Wild-yeast baker. Dog-companion. She/her. Social media: oneofthejenns. Blog at

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