How OneStop.Live Can Help You with Your Business

What is OneStop.Live?

OneStop.Live is the largest online marketplace where you can find and hire professional live broadcasters who can create high quality Facebook Live videos for your business page.

Where will the live broadcaster publish the Facebook Live video?

The Facebook Live video will be published on the Facebook page associated with your product or service. Once you’ve booked the broadcaster of your choice, make sure to add him or her as “live contributor” on your page, so she can go live.

What kind of audience will you reach?

Since the Facebook Live is going to be published on your page, you will reach your existing customers and potential customers alike. The great thing about doing a Facebook Live is that you reach 10 times more people than any other type of post because Facebook’s algorithm prioritizes live video content.

What else is included besides the actual live video?

It depends on the broadcaster that you are working with, so make sure that you ask all the right questions and cover everything. Usually, broadcasters will help you before the broadcast by understanding your business, your target audience, and your goal for the live broadcast. This way she can create the best content that fits your target market and your business goals.

I need a broadcaster in a specific location or event.

Can’t find a broadcaster for a specific event or location you’re looking for? Just send us a request of what you’re looking for, and we’ll help you find it. Send an email to with the email subject “Broadcaster Request.”

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